Always on the run, he travels the world with his energetic mix of trap, rap and dancehall to turn up in clubs and on festival stages like there’s no tomorrow.
Monsieur Dangereux grew up with hip hop and still this genre shapes his musical preferences more than any other. But in keeping with his “gehma” attitude, Dan is constantly looking outside the box and immediately internalizing new musical trends and developments.
In April 2015, Dan Gerous put the other DJs in his pocket at the Red Bull Thre3style National Finals in Frankfurt and is now following in the footsteps of Eskei83, the current Red Bull Thre3style World Champion, as German Champion. Dan’s bass-heavy set was peppered with numerous own productions and dubplates. With this he convinced not only the judges but also the audience. In autumn he will give his all again at the World Finals in Tokyo.
In addition, the Monsieur spends every free minute in the studio and produces beats, edits and remixes non-stop. His Dangerton EP attracted a lot of attention in 2012, and the trap ‘n B EP that followed the year after laid the foundation for the collabo track “Living Room” with New York duo TWRK (Benzi & Esentrik). Living Room is one of the most played Twerk tracks worldwide and now counts over one million plays on Soundcloud.
If the turntables remain untouched, you can find Dan Gerous also often as a host and presenter on stage as for example at the Red Bull 3style Germany end of 2019 in Hamburg. #Gehma!!!
Dan Gerous
Heineken Starclub
Sat 9 July

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