Line-Up 2021

We, as well as the majority of you, our visitors, were very happy with the ELF20 line-up ?. We will try to take the positive aspects of the line-up into the year 2021. We can't guarantee if the line-up will be 100% the same, but we guarantee 100% that the line up of the #EditionOne will have at least the same quality as the ELF20 line-up. The genres, as they would have been represented in 2020, will be maintained or possibly extended.

We will continue to work on developing and improving Electric Love, including hosting and stage concepts. (With Q-dance we can already present the first partner for #EditionOne i.e. for ELF21). All further information about Electric Love 2021 and the line up, stages, hostings etc. will be presented in time as you are used to.

#Throwback Memories – Full shows @ ELF