Brazil - EDM

Alok, full name Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo is a Brazilian DJ and music producer who rose to fame in 2018 with his single "Hear Me Now".

In 2020, he was ranked 5th by DJ Mag in their list of the best DJs.

Alok is the son of DJ's Ekanta and Swarup, who were pioneers of the psytrance genre in Brazil.

His song "Hear Me Now," released by Spinnin' Records on October 21, 2016, which he recorded with his compatriot Bruno Martini, reached popularity in a very short time and helped Alok gain notoriety outside of his home country. The track has over 355 million views on YouTube and over 400 million streams on Spotify. The song reached the top spot on the Billboard charts in Mexico and charted in many other countries as well.

The follow-up tracks Never Let Me Go, Big Jet Plane and Ocean also became hits in Brazil and all reached beyond 50 million streams on Spotify.