Belgium - Hardcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Terror

DRS aka Darkressive System is a real Belgian hard-head. He spins Hardcore, Uptempo & Terror and is someone who became an uptempo DJ/Producer to escape the hard times in his personal life. It all started at the end of 2012 when he found a way to express himself in his passion for this music. From the first moment he was serious about his new set life goals, taken by the hardcore virus and looking after perfection.

With rapid success he has become an established DJ and producer. He created his own dedicated movement of followers called his DRS Army. With his last Album on his own label Triple Six Records he claimed place 1 for over 2 weeks in the worldwide Hardtunes top 100 charts with his track “Matennaaier”. And there is a lot more to come: he has a lot of new tracks ready to be released at different labels, including his own. In 5 years he has become a steady name at numerous events. He has performed in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Russia & Croatia. And with his full agenda for the next coming months this sick Belgian artist is ready to rock this world!