Poland/Austria - Rap

SLAV was nine years young when he discovered hip hop - he had just spent more than half of his life in Vienna. At the age of three, the native Pole moved with his parents to Vienna, where he still lives today. Today, his early fondness for 50 Cent and Eminem has turned into his very own melange of laid-back autotune singsong, techno influences and drill-inspired forward rap. Sound like a lot? Wait and see what the just 22-year-old SLAV, still has in reserve.

Only a side note at first glance is SLAV's weakness for straight house and techno beats. In 2018, he released an entire EP with the wonderful name "UDTZ UDTZ".

"UK. Trap. Housey." That's how SLAV describes his sound in three key words. And that seems to include a bit more hardness in the sound for the 2020/21 season, more pressure and aggressiveness. In the Red Bull Music Studios Berlin SLAV just worked with Nico Chiara (among others DRAM, Logic, Shindy and Rin) on new music. We are curious what surprise the Pole has in store for us next and look forward to his show at the Electric Love Festival this year!


Fr. 27.August 2021
Heineken Starclub