Norway - EDM

Norwegian artist, DJ and producer Martin Tungevaag started his musical career with his hit “Wicked Wonderland” back in 2014. Later the same year, “Samsara” reached number #1 on the charts. GRAMMY award-nominated, Multi-platinum status (67x awarded including Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and more) as well as more than 1 Billion Spotify Streams in 5 years’ time, he is already top 300 artist of all time. In 2019, Tungevaag teamed up with Alan Walker and released “PLAY”. Which already received more than 50M streams worldwide in just a couple of months. In the upcoming months Tungevaag has a lot of big releases and cool tours lined up- starting with being his solo release on Spinnin’ Records called “Knockout” which features a music video directed by himself.