The Limited Loyalty Box Upgrade

Thank you for your support!

In only 48h the Limited Loyalty Tickets/Passes were sold out - this gives us the incentive to make the Electric Love Festival even better and more extensive for you!

Now you finally hold the Limited Loyalty Box in your hands and with that your limited #ELF20 Cap.

But it gets even better!

With this exact cap you are able to win one of 20 Beer supplies for the Electric Love 2020 AND you’ll have the chance for an exclusive Backstage Dinner for 2!

Terms of Participation

The organiser of this contest is Electric Love GmbH & Co KG.

The participation is costless and participants must be at least 16 years old. By participating the participant confirms his/her consent with the these terms. It is obligatory that all personal details and data are true. This also applies to participants who shut down their Instagram Account before the end of the contest. The organizer is allowed to exclude certain persons if there are reasonable grounds, for example a violation of terms of participation, registration by a supplier/provider, whose business purpose is the manipulation of contests or other impermissible interference of the contest, etc. In such cases prizes can be deprived or reclaimed subsequently.


Time Range

The contest runs until 12 January 2020 (CET) until 23.59 in the following manner:


Make a posting in your Feed (photo, video, etc. but not as a posted Story) with the Limited Loyalty Cap. Upload that posting on Instagram, use the Hashtags #BeerMeUpELF20 and #ELF20 and also link our Instagram profile (@electricloveaut).

Be aware that your Instagram profile must be set to public to be able to participate otherwise we cannot receive and see your postings.

Determination of the winners

The 20 most creative postings will win. The selection of the first 20 winning postings is made by a selection committee amongst all postings. The posting which wins the additional prize will be chosen by an internal draw by lot. Participating multiple times with different postings can increase the winning chances.

The winners will be informed by a private Instagram message. If the winner does not report back within 21 days, the win expires.


During the Electric Love Festival 2020 from Thursday to Saturday: 1 tray (4 cans à 0.5 l) of Heineken beer. That means 12 cans (0.5 l) of Heineken beer at large.
Collection of the trays is only possible at one of the supermarkets on the camping site of the Electric Love Festival 2020. Therefore a valid Camping Ticket for the ELF 2020 is necessaryThis ticket is not included in the win. The prizes are not transferable. Cash transfer is not possible. It is not allowed to sell-on the win.

The additional prize is a backstage-dinner for 2 persons. That means: The winner of that prize can bring a person of his/her choice to this dinner. Also, the winner can choose the day (Thursday or Friday or Saturday) on which that dinner will take place. Therefore the persons need to have valid Electric Love Festival Day-Tickets or Festival Passes for 2020. These tickets are not included in the win. Cash transfer is not possible. It is not allowed to sell-on the win.


Protection of privacy

By participating the participant agrees that his/her name and the posting can be published or shared with third parties for the purpose of publishing by the Electric Love GmbH & Co KG. The participant also confirms to have informed and gotten the approval for the publishing of all people who can be seen in that posting. The approval for the publication can be revoked at any time. The third-party rights are not allowed to be violated by the postings.
By participating the participant agrees that the organizer stores the required data, f. ex. name, surname, email-address, etc. for and longer than the time range of the contest. The organizer emphasizes that all personal data will not be made accessible to third parties.
The participant has the right of access to the stored data, the adjustment and/or deletion of the data.

Modification of the Terms of Participation

The organizer reserves the right to change the Terms of Participation at any given time or to suspend or cancel the contest or the selection partly or completely and without prior notice for exceptional reasons. This shall apply in particular if  there are circumstances which disturb or possibly impede the scheduled process of the contest or selection, as f. ex. in the case of occurance of a computer virus, bugs and errors in the soft- and/or hardware and or other technical reasons, which could cause greater damage. This also applies in the event of substantial impairment or exclusion of the implementation because of legal reasons and also in the event of manipulation or attempted manipulation, which influence or could influence the management, the safety, the integrity and/or regular and lawful the process of selection. If an interruption or cancellation is caused by the conduct of a participant, the organizer is allowed to demand compensation for the resulting damage.


Any other business 

This competition is not linked to and not offered, sponsored, organized or approved by Facebook or Instagram in any way.

Instagram or Facebook is no organizer, contact person or person in charge for this contest. If there are any questions contact the admin-team of the @electricloveaut Instagram page. The judges decision is final.