Our Post Office

Send a message to your loved ones!

You can send oldschool postal greetings from the Electric Love Festival to the world with the #ELF postcards! Whether it’s to a friend who is missing from your group at Electric Love because they are prevented from attending due to illness, don’t have time or simply couldn’t get a ticket. Or maybe even to mum and dad to simply send a postcard to let them know that you’re having a good time and that all is well.

In our Merchandise Megastore in the food corner you will find our small Post Office, where you can choose from a variety of Electric Love postcards and motifs, which you can write on and design at your leisure on our cosy Post Office couch, and we will then send them out for you.

For greetings with extra love, there is the JOKOLADE POST. In addition to the postcard, you can send your loved ones a tasting package (4 bars) of the incredibly delicious JOKOLADE, the chocolate from Joko Winterscheidt. With this funny play on words, Joko has dedicated himself to the mission of making chocolate a fair-trade product and drawing attention to abuses in the chocolate industry. If you want to know more about JOKOLADE, the official chocolate supplier of Electric Love – https://jokolade.de/