It’s all about you having an awesome and also safe time on our grounds of love. Keep in mind that in case of an emergency our security and medical assistance staff will guide you through. Watch out for you and the people around you.



Do you feel sexually harassed, threatened, pressured or unsafe? Just head to one of our Service Center, Mindful Crew or Medical Stations and ask β€œIs Luisa here?”. Our staff will then know you need help and will take you discreetly out of the situation to keep you safe.



“Tell me something, I’ll listen to you” is the motto of the Mindfulcrew, where festival chaplains are at your disposal. They are there for you at the ELF if you want to share your emotion with someone. You can approach them at any time, talk to them and tell them what moves you. At the campsite you will find the Mindfulcrew location, which are also “Luisa” locations. They are open daily between 11am and 3am.