of Electric Love Festival 2019

Happy, relaxed and safe is exactly how we want to feel when going to Electric Love. For us, remarkable memories heavily depend on these three states of mind. The feelings of happiness, relaxation and safety are connected in a way, such that, neither one of them is separately achievable, but their deep connection only allows them to coexist.

We strive to offer an experience, that allows you to better pursue these nonimitable feelings. For us, getting home after every trip together with a group of satisfied people, is one of the best feelings!

Südtiroler zu Grossevents (South Tyrol)

If you want to travel via bus from South Tyrol to Electric Love you can choose between the following stops:

Eppan, Bozen, Klausen, Brixen, Naturns & Meran.

Gast AG (Switzerland)

If you travel from Switzerland you can hop on the bus at the following stops: 

Bern, Rothrist, Luzern, Zürich, Kempthal, St. Margarethen & Utzenstorf

Organising your own bus tour to ELF19?

If you have planned to organize your own bus tour to ELF, please get in touch with us. To guarantee a smooth arrival please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will provide all relevant information.