The Netherlands - Progressive House

They light up hundreds of stages across the globe. Conquered almost every global territory. Their position in the music scene is cemented. Now they’re doubling it up with METAFO4R. 

Spending more time in the lab than maybe humanly healthy, the trouble shooting experiments by two internationally well known dj duo’s resulted in music with no regard to leading protocols. A new beginning for house music, METAFO4R brings attitude. A distinctive, progressive sound touching intellectual techno beats, yet still melodic and lovable for large audiences. METAFO4R will cause frayed nerves to snap. Their sound will split cells and contaminate.

The scientists behind METAFO4R are dj duo’s Firebeatz and DubVision. METAFO4R does not deliver just electronic dance music but stand for a complete main stage show with a different perspective on existing sounds. It’s DubVision and Firebeatz, but tilted. It’s build on the fortitude of two outstanding duo’s but adds chemistry and color.

The four found that glowing music reference you never knew you were hoping for.


Sa. 6.July 2019