Platforms for people with disabilities

A wheelchair platform will be set up at the festival site (Mainstage).
For easier handling, people in wheelchairs can pick up an RFID card for TopUp and payments at the Service Center Infield in addition to the wristband.

Accessible festival grounds

No, unfortunately it is not possible for us to make all areas barrier-free at this outdoor location. The paths on the campsites are not barrier-free. The paths in the stage area are also only partially accessible. In addition
the exit from the campsites to the stage area is a gravel path with a somewhat steeper incline.

Sanitary facilities for handicapped people

Yes, all sanitary stations have their own toilets for people with disabilities, which can be locked with the Eurokey.

Offer to people with disabilities

Of course, it is also possible for people with disabilities to take part in our Electric Love Festival. With a degree of disability of 50% or more, an accompanying person will receive a festival ticket plus parking ticket of their choice free of charge.
Tickets can be ordered by sending an email to info@electriclove.at.

Barrier-free access to the festival area is provided at the SEAT Platin VIP Lodge car park.

Camping info
Prohibited objects

The following items are not permitted on the campsite and festival grounds:

  • Camelbag
  • Fireworks
  • Flying objects (drones, balloons, sky lanterns etc.)
  • Glass
  • Barbecues/Grills/Hotplates of any kind (gas cookers, camping barbecues etc.)
  • Laser pointer
  • Loose cables, wires
  • Music systems – Bluetooth speakers larger than DIN A4 size
  • Powder or coarse-grained materials
  • Slingshot
  • Bulky objects
  • Power generators/unites
  • Car batteries
  • Animals (except guide & assistance dogs)
  • Dry ice
  • Sugar / icing sugar
  • Weapons (according to the Austrian Weapons Act) or other objects that can be used as weapons
  • Objects with discriminatory or provocative text or expressions
  • Any objects that endanger the health and safety of your fellow human beings.
  • Any items that may be considered dangerous by the organiser.
Barbecue/Grill at the campsite

There will be no barbecue area this year. It is also not allowed to bring a barbecue/grill (no matter if disposable, coal or gas grill). We are only guests on this site – please behave accordingly and take care of your environment.

Sleep in the car?

Can I sleep in the car at the car park?
No, an overnight stay in the car is not permitted.

Opening Hours Camping

Camping Areas:

  • Wednesday, 6 July 2022: 12:00 CEST – Sunday, 10 July 2022: 12:00 CEST


  • Wednesday, 6 July 2022: 12:00 CEST – Sunday, 10 July 2022: 12:00 CEST
Cashless / Payment

A payout of the cashless credit is possible from Sunday, 10.07.2022 12:00 via cashless.electriclove.at.
Simply log in and add the chip from the Wristband, get a payment overview and start a payout of the remaining credit.

Pre Top-Up Guthaben / Aktivierung

Pre Top-Up Credit / Activation

If you load credit onto your festival pass and come to the Warm Up on Wednesday, you can already use it on Wednesday. Please present both tickets at the entrance on Wednesday. These tickets will be loaded onto your band including your pre-top up credit.

To avoid waiting times, you can also load your wristband in advance.
Click here for the pre-top-up.

After the festival, you can easily withdraw the remaining amount.


What does Pre Top-up mean?

At the Electric Love Festival you can only pay cashless with the ELF Wristband!
You will receive your ELF Wristband directly at the entrance when you show your ticket. 

To avoid waiting times, you can also load your wristband in advance.
Click here for the pre-top-up.

After the festival, you can easily refund the remaining amount.

How do I pay at #ELF22?

At the Electric Love Festival you can only pay cashless with the ELF Wristband!
You will receive your ELF Wristband directly at the entrance when you show your ticket. Afterwards you can easily load your desired amount onto your wristband at the top-up places.

To avoid waiting times, you can also load your wristband in advance. Click here to go to the pre-top-up.

What are the entry requirements for #ELF22 in relation to Covid 19?

The legal requirements in force at the time of #ELF22 in July 2022 apply as entry criteria.

Transparent, reliable and customer-friendly, it is also guaranteed in 2022 that every ticket purchaser can choose between a refund, i.e. money back (*excluding service fee) or swap to the next year in the event of a Covid-related cancellation of the entire festival.


You can find our timetable online here: electriclove.at/en/line-up

A download version of the timetable will follow shortly before the festival.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, there will be no new app this year. 
The old version will no longer be updated. 

Free Bus-Shuttle

Yes! As every year there will be a free shuttle from Salzburg main station to the festival area and back. For more details please visit electriclove.at/en/travel

What are the official opening hours of the festival?

Find the opening hours of all areas at #ELF22 here:


Festival Area (Infield):
Wednesday (06.07.2022): 18:00 – 03:00 
Thursday (07.07.2022): 16:00 – 04:00 
Friday (08.07.2022): 16:00 – 04:00
Saturday (09.07.2022): 16:00 – 04:00 


Camping Area:
Wednesday (06.07.2022): 12:00 – Sunday (10.07.2022): 12:00 

Camping Parking:
Wednesday (06.07.2022): 12:00 – Sunday (10.07.2022): 14:00

What is Electric Love?

Electric Love is about a group of great friends that spend a short vacation for their minds on our Colorful Playground in the beautiful Salzburg lake district. From one of the five stages to more than 160 international artists, they dance the night away to EDM, Hardstyle, Techno, Tech House, Bass, and Hip Hop.

Get the full festival experience on the four campgrounds or sleep in one of the 1* – 5* hotels around the Salzburgring.

Electric Love can also mean partying in one of the four different VIP areas or recharging the batteries that have been drained by dancing non-stop at the Organics beach at the turquoise Fuschlsee. Fancy drinks and soul food at the festival beach give you the energy you need.

ELF is also culture and sightseeing between the festival days in one of the most beautiful and historic city centers of the world, Salzburg.

Electric Love is a way of life, music, adventure, and experience from July 6-9, 2022, at Salzburgring, Austria.

Line-Up & Artists 2022

We will celebrate life again. More than 160 artists from the genres EDM, Harder Styles, Bass, Techno, Tech House to Hip Hop will create a great atmosphere on 5 stages.

The Electric Love Mainstage also impresses with the internationally unique and famous opening show on Thursday every day with the breathtaking sunset slots of international headliners and a breathtaking end show. 

Here you can find the complete line-up and timetable.

Where can I apply for jobs at #ELF22?

If you want to help us with the Electric Love Festival, you can register on our Job-Platform and apply for your favourite job there. 

Safety Info
What happens in the event of a weather warning?

In the event of a storm or thunderstorm, please stay in your car and do not leave the vehicle until the storm has passed. Help each other and pick up other Electric Lovers if you still have space in your car. You can do this by activating your car’s hazard lights.

We are one big family and we have to look after each other! If you are injured, there are plenty of first-aid teams on site. Locations are shown on the map.

In a dangerous situation:

  • Ambulance: 144
  • Fire brigade: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Euro emergency call: 112

As our venue is very large, each building has a so-called location number (house number) – simply inform the emergency services or security, then the helpers can orientate easier and help faster.

Ticket Info
Ticket repersonalisation / transfer

Of course, your ticket can be transferred to another person.

In the event of a ticket transfer, a processing fee of EUR 19.00 per ticket will be charged. In the case of on-site personalisation, the fee is EUR 30.00 per person.

There is no deadline for re-personalising your ticket. If you are still unsure who will use your ticket, please wait with the personalisation to avoid unnecessary effort and costs.

Here you can change the personalisation of your ticket: https://personalize.paylogic.com/ticket-transfer?event=609c2e47d87b46848aaedfa6aad22d62

Which tickets need to be personalised?

The following PERSON tickets must be personalised: 

  • Single Day Ticket (Regular / SEAT Lodge VIP Lodge)
  • Festival Pass (Regular / VIP Bronze / VIP Silver / VIP Gold)
  • Warm-Up Party Ticket

The following tickets do NOT need to be personalised:

  • ELF ORGANICS Beach Tickets
  • Camping Tickets (any kind)
  • Parking Tickets (any kind)
Ticket Refund 2022

We do not offer refunds on our tickets. However, if you are unable to attend the festival, you are welcome to offer your ticket via our official resale platform. If you have a ticket insurance – you can contact the respective insurance company.

Here is the link: resale.electriclove.at

Covid-19 information:
In 2022 we guarantee that in case of a Covid-related cancellation of the whole festival every ticket buyer can choose between Refund, i.e. money back (excl. service fee) or also Swap to the next year.

I can’t find my tickets anymore!

That’s no problem – you can have them resent to the email address you used when you bought the tickets. Please also check your spam folder!
Here is the link: lostmyticket.electriclove.at

Ticket Clearing


Clearing (= currently sold out). This means that tickets that are not paid for within the specified time (max. 7-14 days) go back on sale after the clearing phase. In the ticket shop you will find all details about current clearings as well as the time.

Ticket personalization

For security reasons, each ticket orderer must personalise the tickets to one ticket holder. Tickets can be personalised until shortly before #ELF22. If you are still unsure who will use the tickets, please wait with the personalisation to avoid unnecessary effort and costs. 

If you are unable to attend #ELF22 but have already personalised your ticket, or if you have made a mistake in personalising your ticket, you can re-personalise your ticket via the ticket transfer.

In this case, a processing fee of EUR 19,- per ticket will be charged. Re-personalisation is also possible on site at the Ticketing Help Desk upon presentation of a valid photo ID and the power of attorney of the original purchaser.

Please note that the fee for on-site personalisation is EUR 30,- per ticket.
However, there is no deadline for personalisation.
You can personalise your ticket here!

Arrival by plane

Fly directly to Salzburg. Salzburg Airport is the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC LOVE AIRPORT and only about 30 km away from the festival site.

All info & bookings directly on salzburg-airport.com

There is no direct shuttle from the airport to the festival – but you can take the trolleybus line 2 to Salzburg main station and then use the free ELF shuttle to the festival site.

Information about public transport can be found here.

Travel Partner
  • Travelpartner from Germany, Italy or Austria
    For visitors from Germany, Italy or Austria, Partybusse.de offers an inexpensive journey. Not only will you be delivered directly to the festival site, but you will also be brought back home after the festival.
    With Partybusse.de you don’t have to miss out on a drink. On the bus tour to the Electric Love Festival you’ll be among like-minded people and the party already starts on the bus.
    You can find more information here.

  • Travelpartner from Switzerland


    If you are travelling from Switzerland, Gast AG offers you the following entry options: Berne, Rothrist, Lucerne, Zurich, Kempthal, St. Margarethen & Utzenstorf.

    You can find more information about your bus journey from Switzerland here.


Self-organised bus tours

If you have planned your own bus journey to the ELF, please contact us in good time. In order to guarantee a smooth journey, please register in advance via this form by 30 June 2022 at the latest. We will then send you all relevant information.

IMPORTANT: No parking spaces for buses can be provided on the event site. Only entry/exit is permitted on site.

Arrival by public bus

You can also use the public buses to get to the festival site. The following public bus stops are important for you:

Camping South = Koppl Habach
Day Guest / Non Camper = Koppl Reith

All information about the public bus service can be found here.

Arrival by train

The train takes you comfortably and cheaply to Electric Love.

With the Railjet you can travel from Vienna, St. Pölten or Linz to Salzburg every hour. There is also a train every hour from Innsbruck to Salzburg. From Graz or Klagenfurt there is a EuroCity or InterCity connection every 2 hours. There are also numerous train connections from Germany (e.g. Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt) to Salzburg.

From Salzburg main station you can take the free Electric Love Shuttle Bus to the festival site.

ÖBB timetable information: https://fahrplan.oebb.at/


On the day of departure, 10.07.2022, there will be an additional train from Salzburg to Vienna early in the morning. The following tickets are valid: ÖBB Standard, Klimaticket, Top Jugendticket and Verbundtickets.

Departure from Salzburg main station at 4:40 a.m. with intermediate stops (only disembarkation) in Vöcklabruck, Attnang-Puchheim, Wels main station, Linz main station, St.Valentin, Amstetten, St.Pölten main station, Tullnerfeld, Vienna Meidling and Vienna main station.


Arrival by car

If you decide to arrive by car, we ask you to carpool towards Mother Earth. As you approach the Salzburgring, please follow the traffic guidance system. Don’t forget your parking ticket! Parking tickets are also available on site (increased price and while stocks last). The car park will be guarded until the end of the event. Remember that every vehicle needs a parking ticket.


Parking areas: These are temporary traffic areas, there may be uneven ground, bumps and other obstacles. Accordingly, driving should be slow and with increased caution.

Parking is possible on the day of the event from 10:00 a.m. to max. 03:00 a.m. the following day (except for parking areas for camping guests). For safety reasons it is not permitted to stay overnight in the car park.

Kiss & Go: If you want to be taken to the Electric Love Festival, you can get off at the designated Kiss & Go spots. Please note that parking is prohibited here.


For SEAT PLATIN VIP LODGE guests: Please note that access to your own SEAT Platin VIP Lodge parking space will only be possible with a SEAT Platin VIP Lodge Parking Ticket valid for the respective day. If you arrive by taxi or are brought by a friend, please show your admission ticket at the SEAT Platin VIP Lodge entrance. Only then will you be allowed to enter the SEAT Platinum VIP Lodge. Of course you can also use the normal Day Guest / Non-Camper entrance to get to the SEAT Platin VIP Lodge. You have to reckon with a walk of about 10 minutes.

Lost items

Lost and found items can be picked up at the Koppl Municipal Office from Monday, 18.07.2022 earliest.

ID cards will be automatically sent to their owners by mail.
Items such as ripped clothing, toys, drinking bottles, Tupperware, deodorant/perfume (except expensive brands) will not be kept.
Of course, if it is not possible or very inconvenient for the loss taker to pick up the item, we can send the items via mail – the postage costs must be paid by the recipient.

For questions please contact fundamt@koppl.at