Most Frequent Questions
What is Electric Love?

Electric Love is spending a short vacation for all the senses with a group of good people and great friends at our #ColorfulPlayground in the beautiful Salzburg Lake District. ☀️

Dance into the night in front of one of the unique stages to one of the many international and national artists from EDM, Hardstyle, Techno, Tech House, Bass or Hip Hop.

Enjoy the festival experience at one of the campsites or sleep in one of the 1* to 5* hotels around the Salzburgring.

Electric Love can also mean celebrating life in one of the various VIP areas or recharging your batteries during the day at your own festival beach on the turquoise Fuschlsee at the ORGANICS Beach with various activities, fancy drinks and soul food. ELF is also culture and sightseeing, between the festival days in one of the most beautiful historic city centers in the world, Salzburg.

Electric Love is a way of life, music, adventure and experience from July 04 – 06, 2024 at the Salzburgring in Austria 🩷

When and where will Electric Love 2024 take place?

Together we will start a new era at the Electric Love Festival 2024, from Thursday 4th July 2024 to Saturday 6th July 2024, as usual at the Salzburgring in the beautiful Fuschlsee region.
However, most people will be arriving on Wednesday 3 July 2024 to join the legendary F*ck Genre Warm-up Party at Club Circus. 🔥

Click here to go directly to the #ELF24 ticket shop!

Line-Up & Artists 2024

You can expect a variety of artists from the genres: EDM, Harder Styles, Bass, Techno, Tech House to Hip Hop! 🕺🏼
It’s exactly this mix that makes the ELF so special! 🫶🏻
Depending on your mood you have the possibility to change the stage and dive into another genre.

The Electric Love Mainstage also impresses with the internationally unique and famous opening show on Thursday, fantastic sunset slots of international headliners every day and a breathtaking final show on Saturday. 🌅

The Line-Up will traditionally be announced in 6 phases, you can find all the latest Line-Up news here.

How do I get tickets for the Electric Love Festival 2024?

Get your tickets for Electric Love 2024 here 🔥

PS: Don’t forget the warm-up party on Wednesday 3 July 2024!

To make sure that ticket fraudsters don’t have a chance, please only buy tickets from our official ticket service provider See Tickets GmbH / Paylogic and at all Raiffeisen branches in Austria! 🎟️

Ticket shop: https://tickets.electriclove.at
Resale platform: https://resale.electriclove.at

Is the ELF one-way?

If you have a single day ticket, it is a one-way ticket.
This means that you are only allowed to enter the infield once.

With a festival pass you can enter and exit the festival area as many times as you like!

Please note: CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge tickets are re-entry tickets!


We wished for a wonderful last day of Electric Love 2024 with the best weather too! However, due to the weather forecasts, it was unavoidable to wait for the announced storm to pass. Safety always has to come first in these moments. We did everything we could to make Saturday as enjoyable as possible afterward.

To thank you for your patience and endurance, everyone with a valid ticket for Saturday, July 6th, will receive a 25% discount code on a personal ticket in the Limited Loyalty Pre-Sale.

Quick Links:

The 25% discount code is provided without prejudice to our legal position and without recognition of any legal obligation. The Limited Loyalty Presale is limited to 5,000 tickets, the discount code is valid while stocks last.

Why was entry on Saturday delayed?

Due to the weather forecast, it was necessary to wait for the predicted storm to pass. Safety always comes first.

Why did my weather app show sunshine, but the entry was delayed?

During the festival, we have a meteorologist on-site who continuously analyzes, assesses, and forecasts the weather at Salzburgring. Her assessments are the most accurate predictions available for this period and specifically for Salzburgring. Especially in the foothills of the Alps, in the Salzburg Flachgau region, it is crucial to consider the weather as locally as possible. The predicted storm only touched us, but wind speeds of up to almost 100 km/h were measured on site.

What happened to the early slots and local artists?

We were able to start the program at 9:00 PM and continue as planned afterward. We are very sorry that especially local artists, who had prepared and looked forward to their gig for weeks, did not get the chance to perform. Show your support and follow them on Instagram!

Is there a benefit for those who had to wait?

To thank you for your patience and endurance, everyone with a valid ticket for Saturday, July 6th, will receive a 25% discount code on a personal ticket in the Limited Loyalty Pre-Sale. Please note that the Limited Loyalty Pre-Sale is limited to 5,000 tickets, and the discount code is valid while supplies last.

How do I get tickets for the Electric Love Festival?

Get your tickets for the Electric Love 2024 here 🔥

PS: Don’t forget the warm-up party on Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2024!

To ensure that ticket fraudsters don’t have a chance, please only buy tickets from our official ticket service provider Paylogic and at all Raiffeisen branches in Austria! 🎟️

Ticket store: https://tickets.electriclove.at
Resale platform: https://resale.electriclove.at

What Payment options do I have for the ticket purchase?

We provide the following payment options:

  • SOFORT Bank transfer
  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

In our ticket shop you will find all information: https://tickets.electriclove.at

I can’t find my tickets anymore!

That’s no problem – you can have them resent to the email address you used when you bought the tickets. Please also check your spam folder! 😉
Here is the link: lostmyticket.electriclove.at

You can also access all your orders at any time by logging in to our ticket shop. 🫶🏻

Tickets for categories that are already sold out?

Visit the link of the official resale platform!

  • Select ticket & add to shopping cart*
  • Create account & confirm email address
  • Select payment method & complete order
    *Price plus 10% service fee

-> When purchasing via our official resale platform, your seller’s original ticket will be deactivated and you will receive a new order, including a new ticket and barcode!

= currently sold out
This means that tickets that are not paid for within the specified time will go back on sale after the clearing phase.
In the ticket store you will find all details about current clearings and the time.
However, if products are marked as “sold out”, they are already completely sold out and will no longer go into clearing


Is it possible to refund tickets?

No, all tickets are fundamentally excluded from conversion and return.

If you are unable to attend the Electric Love Festival and wish to resell your ticket(s), you can do this via our official resale platform.


Which tickets need to be personalised?

All personal tickets must be personalised correctly.
This means that those tickets will be checked together with your ID when you enter the festival. 🪪

– it would be good if the name is identical 😛

Person tickets are:

  • Single Day Ticket (Regular & CUPRA Platinum VIP Lodge)
  • Festival Pass (Regular & VIP)
  • Warm-Up Party Wednesday
  • & The ORGANICS Beach
How does the personalisation of my tickets work?

As soon as payment has been received via our ticket store, an e-mail with the link for personalisation will be sent to the purchaser.

The personalisation is then carried out by the festival visitor himself and the ticket is finally available for download. 🙌🏻
It is also possible to view the orders at any time by logging in to the ticket store again with the access data used to place the order. In this portal, under “Orders”, you can personalise, re-personalise or resell tickets via our official resale platform at any time.

If you have any problems with personalisation, you can contact us at any time at info@electriclove.at! 😊

Do tickets have to be personalised immediately?

No, everything should be personalised at the admission control. Otherwise there is no deadline 🧡

If you are still unsure who will be using the tickets, wait with the personalisation, so you avoid unnecessary effort and costs.

How can I re-personalise my tickets?

If you are unable to attend #ELF24 but have already personalised your ticket, or if you have made a mistake when personalising your ticket, you can change your ticket at any time. 🎉

To do so, log in to the ticket shop again with the same credentials you used to place your order and go to “Orders” to see an overview of your valid orders. You can perform the re-personalisation under “More”.

Please note that there is a processing fee per ticket!

Personalisation can also be carried out on site at the Ticketing Help Desk on presentation of a valid photo ID and a power of attorney from the original purchaser.
The fee for on-site personalisation is €30 per ticket.

How do I pay at #ELF?

At the Electric Love Festival you only pay cashless with the ELF Wristband! 💰
You will receive your ELF Wristband upon entry to the festival site as soon as you present your ticket(s).

You can then easily top up your ELF Wristband with your desired amount in cash, by debit or credit card at our top-up parking spaces or online.


How does Pre Top Up work?

To avoid waiting times at the top-up stations, load your ELF Wristband with your desired amount in advance!

The amount will be automatically loaded onto your wristband when you enter the Festival site by scanning your ELF ticket.

You can get to the pre-top-up here

-> You always have an easy overview of your credit via the wallet in the Cashless portal. 💵

How can I withdraw my unused credit?

On the Monday after the festival, you can withdraw your remaining balance via this link!

Please note that fees may be charged by the receiving bank for withdrawals to countries outside the European Union. This may also apply to countries in the SEPA payment area.

If there is a weather warning, what happens?

In the event of a storm or thunderstorm, please seek shelter in your car and do not leave the vehicle until the storm has passed. Help each other and pick up other Electric Lovers if you still have room in your car. You can do this by activating your car’s hazard lights. 🚒

We are one big family and have to look out for each other! If you do get injured, there are plenty of paramedics on site. Locations are shown on the map.

In a dangerous situation:

  • Rescue: 144
  • Fire brigade: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Euro emergency number: 112

As our site is very extensive, each building has a so-called house number – simply inform the emergency services or the Festival Guards, then the helpers can orientate themselves better and help faster. 🔢

What do I do if it gets too loud?

You can get free hearing protection at any of the service centres on the site! 🔊

Codeword for unpleasant situations?

Of course we hope it doesn’t come to that!
But if you do feel harassed, threatened or unsafe, we have help on site! 🧡

Ask our Service Centres, Mindful Crew or Rescue Stations “Is Luisa here?” and our staff will know you need help and will discreetly get you out of the situation.

Mindful Crew, what’s that?

“Tell me something, I’ll listen” is the motto of the Mindful Crew, where festival counsellors are at your service!

You can talk to them at any time and tell them what’s on your mind. 🗣️

On the campsite and in the infield you can find the Mindfulcrew. ✨

Camping general
Do my camping tickets need to be personalised?

No 😊

Camping and parking tickets do not require correct personalisation. The name on these tickets is not relevant for entry.

You can find out more about personalisation under ‘Personalisation’ in the FAQs

Check-in time for campers?

Arrival at all campsites is possible at any time from Wednesday, 03.07.2024 12:00 noon. Even if you don’t have a ticket for the Warm Up Party on Wednesday, you can arrive at any time from that date.
If you want to get the full festival experience, make sure you get tickets for our F*ck Genres Warm Up Party at Club Circus: tickets.electriclove.at

Please check out by Sunday, 07.07.2024 at 12:00 at the latest. 🏕️

Are there Parking spaces for camping visitors?

Yes, of course! 🚗

  • Parking Basic Camping Ticket
  • Parking Comfort Camping Ticket (automatically included with purchase)

Opening hours:
from Wednesday 12:00 to Sunday 14:00

There are plenty of parking spaces on site. Remember that every vehicle needs a parking ticket.

Is there a supermarket nearby?

There’s even a 24/7 supermarket right on the campsite! 🏪

Among other things, hygiene articles, camping utensils, ice cubes, fruit, spirits, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and barbecue food are available at fair prices.

You can find lots of information about the supermarket in advance here.

Please note: You are of course allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the campsite.
However, please make sure that you do not bring your food in glass containers – glass is prohibited on the entire site!

How does the Garbage deposit work?

out of love for the environment, waste should be disposed of correctly! 🗑️

All camping visitors will therefore be asked to pay a waste deposit of 10€ when purchasing their ticket.
– However, this deposit will be credited back to your wristband as soon as a full rubbish bag is handed in at the return points on departure. 🙌🏻

Opening hours garbage deposit
Friday      12 pm – 8 pm
Saturday  8 am – 12 am
Sunday    12 am- 12 pm


Basic Camping
Camping Area at Basic Camping
At Basic Camping, each person is allocated 5m² of space. For example, two people will have 10m² at their disposal.
Camping spots are self-allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
Power Supply at Basic Camping

We offer power plugs at the shower stations at Basic Camping. While we do not offer power directly at the camp site, we have the perfect solution for you: With the Travelbox Powerstation, your XXL power bank, you can get power directly at your tent!

What does the Travelbox Powerstation include?
+ 2x 230V socket
+ 4x USB connection
+ 1x cigarette lighter
+ Pick-up on site at the plug-in stand in the Marketplace at Basic Camping
+ Battery empty? Exchange it free of charge for a full power station directly at the Plug-in stand.

Attention: Not compatible for devices with more than 500 Watt continuous power (hairdryer, kettle etc.). Available to rent in the ELF25 ticket shop starting fall 2024.


Rules basic camping

– Access to the camping area only with valid Camping Ticket + Festival Ticket.
– Camping is only allowed in the designated areas
– No vehicles are allowed on the camping site
– An area of 5m² is available per person. If there are two of you, you have 10m² at your disposal, etc.
– Camping and pitching tents on the car park is prohibited.
– Party tents (pavilions) (max. 3x3m) are allowed in all camping areas until further notice.
– The instructions of staff and security personnel must be followed without exception.
– Marked paths must be kept clear at all times
– The digging of holes is prohibited.
– It is forbidden to burn or light campfires in the camping areas (Caravan, Basic Camping, Comfort Camping)
– Cooking and grilling with gas or charcoal is prohibited in the park and camping areas, especially in visitor tents
– The camping rules apply from the beginning of the set-up times for Electric Love, can be changed by the organiser at any time and end with the end of the dismantling after the Electric Love Festival.
– The security service has the right of domicile
– Failure to comply with these camping rules may result in a ban from the site and the loss of the right to enter Electric Love.

Pavilions (Gazebos) at Basic Camping

At Basic Camping, you are allowed to bring pavilions/gazebos up to a size of 3×3 meters.

Caravan Camping
Additional car at the Caravan Camping

If you arrive at the Caravan Camping with an additional car or if you need a towing vehicle, please park these vehicles at the Basic Camping. 🚖


Rules Caravan Camping

– In the caravan camping area, only vehicles with a permissible total weight of max. 3.5t incl. vehicle trailer may be parked.

– Vehicle + caravan must not be longer than 8m and wider than 3m in total.

– In the caravan camping areas, only motorhomes, caravans and folding trailers with towing vehicle and car coaches with built-in sleeping accommodation may be parked.

– Without exception, vehicles with built-in sleeping berths are permitted (e.g.: caravan, motor home, VW bus with built-in beds).

– The number of built-in sleeping berths must correspond to the number of persons travelling.

– In the caravan camping area, the erection of a maximum of one (1) additional awning, additional tent or pavilion per vehicle and badge directly next to the vehicle is permitted.

– Personal tents and sleeping in awnings / pavilions are prohibited.

– Normal cars must be parked in Basic Parking. An additional Basic Parking ticket is required for this.

– Caravans are only allowed in the Caravan Camping area.

– Caravan Camping is the only area on the site where built-in generators up to 5kW and built-in gas cookers are permitted.

– It is forbidden to burn or light campfires in the camping areas (Caravan, Basic Camping, Comfort Camping)

– Cooking and grilling with gas or charcoal is prohibited in the park and camping areas, especially in visitor tents

– In the caravan camping area, built-in generators up to 5kW are allowed (this does not apply to the other camping categories). Separate generators may not be taken along.

– In the case of gensets, sufficient ventilation must be ensured and the exhaust gases must be discharged in such a way that no ignition can occur.

– In case of very dry weather or other potential danger, the organiser may prohibit the use of aggregates due to e.g. possible fire hazard.

– Gas systems permanently installed in the caravans may be used if a valid gas certificate is not older than 2 years.

– 1 Caravan Vehicle Ticket is required per caravan.

– Each person in the Caravan Camping requires a Caravan Camping Ticket (Camping Tickets only valid in combination with Festival Ticket).

– The security staff has the permission to check the caravans at the entrance and during the festival time, even if they have already been parked at the caravan camping site.

– The house rules apply at the entire caravan camping area.

Electricity at Caravan Camping

Caravan Camping is the only area on the site where built-in generators up to 5kW and built-in gas cookers are allowed.

Therefore, no electricity supply is offered at the Caravan Camping.


For safety reasons it is not permitted to sleep in tents and/or awnings at Caravan Camping. 💤


Friends from Basic Camping and Caravan Camping can visit each other! 👯‍♂️

However, overnight stays are only possible on the campsite you have booked!

& Without a valid camping ticket, a visit is not permitted in either case!

Comfort Camping by ÖBB
What does our Comfort Camping offer?

Our Comfort Camping Village is a dedicated camping area with many convenient advantages to make your camping experience as pleasant as possible. In total, there are 7 different categories of how you can spend your relaxing nights after partying all day.

Some advantages in a nutshell:

  • Separate camping area
  • Own entrance
  • Own spacious sanitary facilities
  • Own reception
  • Small shop
  • Own gastronomic offer
  • Chill out area
  • Parking ticket included
  • Access to Basic Camping and Caravan Camping
Is there a separate parking space for Comfort Camping guests?

Yes, you can!
A ticket for the Comfort Camping car park is included in your order for one of our Comfort Camping categories.

Please show this ticket at the entrance to the car park.

How is accommodation arranged at Comfort Camping?

Check-in at Comfort Camping is done by our staff at the Comfort Camping reception. This is also where the allocation of the different types of accommodation is arranged.

If you arrive in a group and would like to have your accommodation next to each other, the first come – first serve system applies.
For organisational reasons, it is not possible to reserve your favorite accommodation in advance.

What is the procedure if a group arrives at different times?

If you are staying at Comfort Camping as a group, make sure that everyone in your group has all the necessary tickets for access to the Comfort Camping area. (See “What is the access procedure to the Comfort Camping Area?”).

Every guest at Comfort Camping needs the Comfort Camping ticket plus the relevant ticket for the accommodation to get access.
The main purchaser of the order has access to all tickets at any time by logging in again to the ticket shop.

If guests arrive at different times, please clarify this with the staff at the Comfort Camping reception to avoid misunderstandings.

Same names on the tickets

If you have ordered all the tickets for your group and your name is on all the camping tickets, this is not a problem. Comfort Camping tickets are not personalised, only the barcode on the tickets counts.

However, please make sure that all festival passes are personalised to the respective guests!

Where will the ELF take place?

The festival takes place in the Fuschlsee region in the beautiful Salzburg Lake District, close to the historic city of Salzburg, on the Salzburgring. 🇦🇹📍
You can find travel information here https://electriclove.at/en/info/travel

Also have a look at Google Maps! 🗺️

Can I come by car?

If you are travelling by car, please don’t forget your parking ticket! 🎟️

Car parks: These are temporary traffic areas, where uneven ground, bumps and other obstacles may occur. You should therefore drive slowly and with increased caution. 🚙

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to spend the night in the car park. 🚫

Kiss & Go: If you are travelling to the Electric Love Festival, you can get out at the designated Kiss & Go points. Please note that parking is prohibited there.

CUPRA Platinum VIP Lodge: The access to your own CUPRA Platinum VIP Lodge car park will only be possible with a parking ticket valid for the day. If you are travelling by taxi or are being taken by a friend, please show your admission ticket at the CUPRA Platinum VIP Lodge entrance.

& as soon as you approach the Salzburgring, please follow the traffic guidance system 😉

When does the free Bus shuttle run?

Our free bus shuttle from Salzburg main station to the festival site & back runs during the following times:

3 July, Wednesday: 8 am – 12 am
4 July, Thursday: 12 am- 5 am & 8 am – 12 am
5 July, Friday: 12 am – 5 am & 8 am – 12 am
6 July, Saturday: 12 am – 5 m & 8 am – 12 am
7 July, Sunday: 12 am – 2 pm

~ every 20 minutes 🚎

On-site signposting will help you to find the shuttle right away. The stop at Salzburg Central Station will be Lastenstraße, which will also be signposted 🙂

to The ORGANICS Beach 🌊
Thursday-Saturday| 09:30 -18:30 | every 20 minutes
Basic Camping / Day Guest <> Fuschelsee


is it also possible to use public transport?

Of course 🚌

You can also use the public buses to get to the festival site.
The following bus stops are important for you:

Day Guest / Non Camper = Koppl Reit 🌎

All information about public bus transport can be found here.

how do i get from switzerland to the ELF?

With our travel partner GAST AG 🙌🏻

Gast AG offers you the following entry opportunities: Bern, Rothrist, Lucerne, Zurich, Kempthal, St. Margarethen & Utzenstorf

You can find more information about your coach journey from Switzerland here.

What is The ORGANICS Beach?

ORGANICS Beach is situated on one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes – your retreat for unspoilt nature, turquoise waters and activities such as yoga or stand-up paddling. 🏄🏼‍♀️

Relax and recharge your batteries for the next festival day with soul food and fancy The ORGANICS drinks at Fuschlsee, just a stone’s throw from the festival site. 🌊

When does The ORGANICS Beach take place?

The ORGANICS Beach will take place from Thursday, 4th July 2024 to Saturday, 6th July 2024 at the Fuschlsee. 🫧

For the visit you need your own ticket, which also needs to be personalised.

Opening hours:
From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each da 🕚


A free shuttle will take you directly from the Grounds of Love to the Fuschlsee and back.

The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 09:30 to 18:30. 🚌

Bus stops:

  • Basic Camping
  • Day guests / Comfort camping

It is also possible to arrive by car or bicycle. 🚲
A limited number of parking spaces are available on a first come first served basis.

Is it possible to buy tickets for The Organics Beach on site?

We generally do not offer ticket sales on site & the number of tickets is very limited. – so be quick 🌴🌊

However, if tickets are still available, they can be ordered at any time via our official ticket shop or the resale platform. ✨

Lost & Found
Found objects at #ELF24

If you find something on the #ELF24, please help another Electric Lover and hand it in at one of our service centres. 📍

Have you lost something? Then please report it to the Service Centre!

– Maybe your item has already been handed in 🫶🏻


Lost items after #ELF24?

Lost items can be collected from the Koppl municipal office from Monday 15 July 2024 at the earliest! 🏣

– The lost property office will automatically mail the ID card to the owner. 🪪


If you have any queries, please contact fundamt@koppl.at

Our Offer For People With Disabilities

The Electric Love Festival welcomes all Electric Lovers to our Colorful Playground!

We kindly ask visitors with disabilities to purchase tickets for Electric Love Festival independently through our official ticket shop. Please note that our various VIP categories are not accessible.

If you require a companion due to limited mobility, we offer a complimentary ticket of the same category as yours and a parking ticket for your companion, provided you have a disability degree of 50% or more. More information on ticket orders for 2025 will be available soon. Please understand that we can only provide tickets for your companion from categories that are not sold out. Please don’t forget to upload your disability ID.

Accessibility to the festival site

Barrier-free access to the festival grounds, is only possible through our CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Parking. If you require barrier-free access, the festival grounds can be accessed with a combination of a Festival Pass and CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge Parking. Please contact us at info@electriclove.at if you require barrier-free access.

Sanitary facilities for disabled people

Throughout the entire festival grounds, dedicated toilets are available at all sanitation stations, some of which can also be locked with a Eurokey. The exact locations will be indicated on our festival map, which will be published shortly before the event.

I have questions about visiting the Electric Love Festival

Feel free to contact us at info@electriclove.at with any questions or concerns you may have about attending the Electric Love Festival.

We will do our best to process all requests as quickly as possible.

Glass front Wheelchair Platform

At the Electric Love Mainstage, a wheelchair platform with a glass front will be set up. Here, you can be right in the party without any visual obstruction. To ensure controlled access, please always have your disability ID with you on site to present to our security personnel if needed. The exact location of the wheelchair platform will be indicated on our festival map, which will be published before the event.

Electric Love Festival APP
What features has the Electric Love App?

Be the first to hear about special highlights, exclusive content and important festival information!


  • Year-round News & Announcements
  • Line-Up & Artists
  • Festival Information
  • Security messages during the event
  • Cashless Payment Information
  • Own ticket wallet for all your tickets
  • FAQ
  • and much more… 
Why is the Electric Love Festival App important for me?

The Electric Love app keeps you up to date with announcements and updates on artists, stages, activities, tickets and much more.
Whether it’s the current line-up, the timetable or the weather – the app keeps you up to date with useful push notifications.

Download the app for Apple and Google here: https://app.electriclove.at

Where can I apply for jobs at #ELF24?

If you want to help us with the Electric Love Festival, you can register on our Job-Platform and apply for your favourite job there.