Age restriciton

The Electric Love Festival can be attended from the age of 16 without exception.

Attention: Admission to the CUPRA Platinum VIP Lodge only from the age of 18!

Security staff are required to check compliance. Admission under 16 years of age is not possible, not even with an adult accompanying person or a power of attorney from parents.

IDs will be checked at all camping or festival entrances, so always have your ticket and ID ready.
Official photo IDs such as identity cards, passports or driving licences are accepted.
Pupil IDs, student IDs and copies of IDs are not accepted.

Lost items at the #ELF23

If you lose something during your visit to the festival, you are welcome to contact one of our service centres. The colleagues on site will be happy to help you and are there for you.
You can find the locations of the Service Centres on the map, which will be published in good time before the festival.

After the festival, all found items will be available at the municipal office in Koppl.

Contact details:
E-mail: fundamt@koppl.at
Homepage: https://www.fundamt.gv.at/WebPublic/SearchFoundItems.aspx
Phone: +43 (0) 6221/721360
Opening hours:
MO: 08:00-12:00 h and 14:00-18:00 h
DI-FR: 08:00-12:00 h

How do I get tickets for the Electric Love Festival 2023?

Get your tickets for #ELF23 here and celebrate #10yearsstogether with us!

PS: Don’t forget to get a warm-up ticket for Wednesday, 5 July 2023 to get the full festival experience!

As more and more ticket scammers are on the way, we advise interested parties to never buy tickets via other platforms, via social media comments or third-party sellers.
Only our official ticket service provider See Tickets GmbH / Paylogic and all Raiffeisen banks in Austria guarantee 100% genuine tickets, secure payment processing and customer support.

Where can I find the house rules?

Here you can find our house rules.

Free Bus-Shuttle

Yes! As every year there will be a free shuttle from Salzburg main station to the festival area and back. All information about the bus shuttle will follow in spring 2023:
For more details please visit electriclove.at/en/travel

What are the official opening hours of the festival?

Here you can find an overview of the opening hours of all areas at #ELF23:

Festival area (Infield):
Wednesday (05.07.2023): 18:00 h – 02:00 h
Thursday (06.07.2023): 16:00 h – 03:00 h
Friday (07.07.2023): 16:00 h- 03:00 h
Saturday (08.07.2023): 16:00 h – 03:00 h

Camping area:
Wednesday (05.07.2023): 12:00 h – Sunday (09.07.2023): 12:00 h

Camping car parks:
Wednesday (05.07.2023): 12:00 h – Sunday (09.07.2023): 14:00 h

Ticket Info
Which tickets need to be personalised?

The following PERSON tickets must be personalised: 

  • Single Day Ticket (Regular / CUPRA Platin VIP Lodge / VIP Bronze / VIP Silver / VIP Gold)
  • Festival Pass (Regular / VIP Bronze / VIP Silver / VIP Gold)
  • Warm-Up Party Wednesday
Ticket Refund

We do not offer refunds on our tickets. However, if you are unable to attend the festival, you are welcome to offer your ticket via our official resale platform.
We recommend that you only sell your tickets via our official resale platform.

If you have taken out ticket insurance, you can contact our insurance partner via the following contact form.

Here is the link to our official resale platform: resale.electriclove.at

I can’t find my tickets anymore!

That’s no problem – you can have them resent to the email address you used when you bought the tickets. Please also check your spam folder!
Here is the link: lostmyticket.electriclove.at

You can also access all your orders at any time by logging in to our ticket shop.
Personalizations, re-personalizations or sales via our resale platform can also be processed via your account in the ticket shop.

Payment options

We provide the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Paypal

In our ticket shop you will find all information:


Tickets and price phases

Click here for the official ticket shop.


Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Regular, Late


In the Late Ticket Phase the last festival tickets will be sold at a higher price. With the end of the Late Ticket Phase there is only one last clearing.


Clearing (= currently sold out). This means that tickets that are not paid for within the specified time (max. 7-14 days) go back on sale after the clearing phase. In our ticket shop you will find all details about current clearings as well as the time.

Tickets for the Electric Love Festival 2023

Secure your tickets for Electric Love Festival 2023 here.

Due to the increasing number of ticket scammers, we advise interested parties to never buy tickets via other platforms, react to social media comments or third-party providers than our official ticket service provider, See Tickets GmbH / Paylogic, as well as in all Raiffeisen branches (Austria). Only with them is there a guarantee of 100% genuine tickets, secure payment processing and customer support.

Ticket shop: https://tickets.electriclove.at

Resale platform: https://resale.electriclove.at


Cashless / Payment
Pay out cashless credit from 2022

A payout of the cashless credit is possible from Sunday, 10.07.2022 12:00 via cashless.electriclove.at.
Simply log in and add the chip from the Wristband, get a payment overview and start a payout of the remaining credit.

How do I pay at #ELF?

At the Electric Love Festival you can only pay cashless with the ELF Wristband!
You will receive your ELF Wristband directly at the entrance when you show your ticket. Afterwards you can easily load your desired amount onto your wristband at the top-up places.

Safety Info
What happens in the event of a weather warning?

In the event of a storm or thunderstorm, please stay in your car and do not leave the vehicle until the storm has passed. Help each other and pick up other Electric Lovers if you still have space in your car. You can do this by activating your car’s hazard lights.

We are one big family and we have to look after each other! If you are injured, there are plenty of first-aid teams on site. Locations are shown on the map.

In a dangerous situation:

  • Ambulance: 144
  • Fire brigade: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Euro emergency call: 112

As our venue is very large, each building has a so-called location number (house number) – simply inform the emergency services or security, then the helpers can orientate easier and help faster.

Camping info
Liability campsites

– No liability is accepted for theft or vandalism of any kind.
– The organiser accepts no liability for items taken to the campsite and left there.
– The organiser shall only be liable for damage of any kind suffered by visitors to the campsite if the damage was caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of the organiser or its representatives or authorised agents. Therefore, the organiser is not liable for personal injury or damage to property.
– The organiser accepts no liability for prohibited items confiscated by security personnel.
– After the end of the event or after the campsite has been closed, the organiser accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with visitors who are still at the campsite or who re-enter the campsite after it has been closed

Meeting friends at the campsite

If you have a Basic Camping Ticket, you can visit your friends at the Caravan Camping and vice versa. However, you can only stay overnight at the campsite you have booked.

In this case, however, you are not allowed to visit the Comfort Camping Village, where you only have access with a valid Comfort Camping ticket.

Personalization Camping Tickets

Camping tickets and parking tickets do not require correct personalisation. The name on the ticket is not relevant for admission.

Please only make sure that your festival ticket is correctly personalised.

Rules Caravan Camping

– In the caravan camping area, only vehicles with a permissible total weight of max. 3.5t incl. vehicle trailer may be parked.

– Vehicle + caravan must not be longer than 8m and wider than 3m in total.

– In the caravan camping areas, only motorhomes, caravans and folding trailers with towing vehicle and car coaches with built-in sleeping accommodation may be parked.

– Without exception, vehicles with built-in sleeping berths are permitted (e.g.: caravan, motor home, VW bus with built-in beds).

– The number of built-in sleeping berths must correspond to the number of persons travelling.

– In the caravan camping area, the erection of a maximum of one (1) additional awning, additional tent or pavilion per vehicle and badge directly next to the vehicle is permitted.

– Personal tents and sleeping in awnings / pavilions are prohibited.

– Normal cars must be parked in Basic Parking. An additional Basic Parking ticket is required for this.

– Caravans are only allowed in the Caravan Camping area.

– Caravan Camping is the only area on the site where generators up to 5kW and built-in gas cookers are permitted.

– In the caravan camping area, generators up to 5kW are allowed (this does not apply to the other camping categories). Separate generators may not be taken along.

– In the case of gensets, sufficient ventilation must be ensured and the exhaust gases must be discharged in such a way that no ignition can occur.

– In case of very dry weather or other potential danger, the organiser may prohibit the use of aggregates due to e.g. possible fire hazard.

– Gas systems permanently installed in the caravans may be used if a valid gas certificate is not older than 2 years.

– 1 Caravan Vehicle Ticket is required per caravan.

– Each person in the Caravan Camping requires a Caravan Camping Ticket (Camping Tickets only valid in combination with Festival Ticket).

– The security staff has the permission to check the caravans at the entrance and during the festival time, even if they have already been parked at the caravan camping site.

– The house rules apply at the entire caravan camping area.

Rules basic camping

– Access to the camping area only with valid Camping Ticket + Festival Ticket.
– Camping is only allowed in the designated areas
– No vehicles are allowed on the camping site
– An area of 5m² is available per person. If there are two of you, you have 10m² at your disposal, etc.
– Camping and pitching tents on the car park is prohibited.
– Party tents (pavilions) (max. 3x3m) are allowed in all camping areas until further notice.
– The instructions of staff and security personnel must be followed without exception.
– Marked paths must be kept clear at all times
– The digging of holes is prohibited.
– The camping rules apply from the beginning of the set-up times for Electric Love, can be changed by the organiser at any time and end with the end of the dismantling after the Electric Love Festival.
– The security service has the right of domicile
– Failure to comply with these camping rules may result in a ban from the site and the loss of the right to enter Electric Love.

Camping categories

Where can I find an overview of all Camping Ticket categories?

Details of all Camping Ticket categories can be found here: Electric Love Campsites.

PS: Don’t forget to get a warm-up ticket for Wednesday, 5 July 2023 to get the full festival experience.

Self-organised bus tours

If you have planned your own bus journey to the ELF, please contact us in good time via our contact form. 

IMPORTANT: No parking spaces for buses can be provided on the event site. Only entry/exit is permitted on site.

Location (Salzburgring)

Surrounded by the beautiful Salzburg Lake District in the Fuschlsee region, the Salzburgring is located close to the historic city of Salzburg.

Travel information can be found here https://electriclove.at/de/info/travel

Arrival via Google Maps.

Accessible festival grounds

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to make all areas barrier-free at this outdoor location. The paths on the campsites are not barrier-free. The paths in the stage area are also only partially accessible. In addition
the exit from the campsites to the stage area is a gravel path with a somewhat steeper incline.

Sanitary facilities for handicapped people

Yes, all sanitary stations have their own toilets for people with disabilities, which can be locked with the Eurokey.

Lost items ELF22

Lost and found items can be picked up at the Koppl Municipal Office from Monday, 18.07.2022 earliest.

ID cards will be automatically sent to their owners by mail.
Items such as ripped clothing, toys, drinking bottles, Tupperware, deodorant/perfume (except expensive brands) will not be kept.
Of course, if it is not possible or very inconvenient for the loss taker to pick up the item, we can send the items via mail – the postage costs must be paid by the recipient.

For questions please contact fundamt@koppl.at

Where can I apply for jobs at #ELF23?

If you want to help us with the Electric Love Festival, you can register on our Job-Platform and apply for your favourite job there.