Electric Love Festival – ELF ORGANICS Beach – Credit TVB Fuschlseeregion SKYBLUE SBG
As soon as the first sunrays hit the rocky Schober mountain, the unique colors of the Fuschlsee shimmer. Our new ELF ORGANICS Beach is the perfect place to create your personal chill area with your party buddies. Soul Food and fancy drinks allow you to fully relax until you hit the #ColorfulPlayground again in the late afternoon. Motivated and recharged, you’re now ready for another unforgettable festival night.


Recharge your batteries with soul food and fancy drinks. Cheat days here we come!
Asia Imbiss
Food Vegetarian Vegan Special

Infield Food Corner / Marked Place Camping South & North

From noodles with vegetables to Thai curry and fried chicken with rice. You can even enjoy some spring rolls and fortune biscuits here. Almost 24/7 you will find the food trucks in the infield as well as at the Camping Market Places.

Pizza & Pasta
Food Vegetarian Vegan

Infield / Marked Place Camping South / Marked Place Camping North

Our street food concept lives from the passion for Italian cuisine. You can see that and, above all, taste it. With our food trucks, we create the perfect mix of mobility, state-of-the-art equipment and Italian enjoyment.

Cocktail Bar
Cocktails Bar

Infield Food Corner / Marked Place Camping South & North

From the classic Caipirinha, Cuba Libre and Cosmopolitan to Moscow Mule, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea and our ELF signature drink, you can choose from over 30 different cocktails.

Creps & Strauben
Food Vegan

Infield Food Corner

Spritzer / Sangria
Cocktails Bar

Marked Place Camping South / Marked Place Camping North

Enjoy an ice-cold bucket of sangria at our campsites.

Mama Vegan
Food Vegetarian Vegan

Infield Food Corner

From vegan pasta squares with white cabbage to vegan potato goulash and curry with green spelt, there is the finest vegan street food.

Food Vegetarian

Infield / Market Place Camping North

A real classic and indispensable for the ELF

StrEATfood Austria
Food Fingerfood

Infield Food Corner

Regional, fresh, sustainable – food from all over the world! Food trucks with the best treat food from all over the world paired with summer vibes & icecold drinks!

Food Vegan

Infield Food Corner

ELF also means – escaping from everyday life for four days and indulging yourself!

Shot Ice
Food Vegan

Biergarten / Infield

Water ice with alcohol. Who doesn’t know water ice from his childhood? Loved it then, but now it’s pepped up with 10.5% alcohol (vodka).

Alpen Kebab
Food Fingerfood


Let yourself be surprised at this food truck and enjoy exclusive combinations.


Infield in front of the Club Circus

Visit the ABSOLUT BETTER TOGETHER booth in front of the Club Circus and grab an ice cold drink at the bar. Best of all, there are cool competitions where you can win real “Money Can’t Buy Experiences”.

Special Bar


Grab an ice-cold beer and celebrate with your friends in our cozy Beergarden in true Austria style. Electric Love Biergarten, Wednesday, July 6, Thursday, July 7, Friday, July 8, and Saturday, July 9.

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