Electric Love GmbH & Co KG

The following house rules apply throughout the event area. Also, a German version of the house rules exists, in case of doubt the German version is the right version.
1. Liability

After the end of the event, the organizer accepts no liability for visitors, who are still on the festival grounds respectively re-enter after closing. The offered visitor facilities need to be treated with due care. All other facilities may not be entered or launched. Visitors need to leave the festival and its grounds at closing time.
2. ID

Each visitor is committed to bringing a valid, officially approved ID. Copies or other IDs are not accepted.
3. Animals

It is not permitted to bring any animals to the festival grounds. Excluded guide dogs, provided they carry a bite basket and are kept on a leash.
4. Safety Instructions

The instructions of the organizer, crew, security and supervisors must be obeyed.
5. Violence

All kinds of violence are strictly prohibited. Contravention results in immediate expulsion from the venue and possibly a complaint at the responsible authority.
6. Cancellations/Program Changes

The organizer reserves the right to change the program or dates at short notice and does not entitle the customer to return the ticket. In case of cancellation of one or more artists, parts of the premises cannot be used or temporary technical failure due to vis major, there is no claim for a price reduction. Any accrued expenses (arrival, departure, accommodation, processing fee, etc.) will not be reimbursed by the organizer in case of cancellation, postponement, program or cast changes without fault.
7. Sound and Vision rights

The visitor agrees that recordings and pictures of him will be recorded analogue and digital and the recordings or parts of the recordings will be published without compensation and without chronological reduction. The recordings can be used for the re-reporting of the respective festival, but also for the application of the next festival of this kind or events of a similar kind. You can contradict the publication of the image data in writing via at any time. All entrances of the festival are video-monitored. Own sound-, film- and photo- recordings are not permitted (except for private use). For an exception, a written declaration of the organizer is necessary. If images, photographs or video recordings are transmitted to Electric Love or published on the Internet, Electric Love is granted the right to publish them and pass them on to third parties for the purpose of publication. The author expressly waives the right to name the author.  
8. Volume/Hearing Protection

The sound level at this event exceeds 93 dB and can put your hearing at risk. The wearing of hearing protection, especially near the stage areas, is strongly recommended. Free ear protection is available at all Service Center Points on site.
9. Brought Objects

A detailed list of prohibited items can be found on under the point “Forbidden Objects”. When attempting to enter such items, they must be taken away (f.e. to the car) or disposed of. Illegal items (weapons, drugs, etc.) are handed over to the police. The organizer is not liable for the safekeeping of such items. Each visitor agrees to a search of his bags and private items for such items. If a visitor does not allow this search, he has no right to enter the venue. The organizer reserves the right to banish persons, who try to smuggle forbidden objects on the event area.
10. Storage of Objects

Articles can be submitted only at intended spots (locker). The organizer is not liable for handed articles at other spots (deposit at bars or stages, hiding at the venue aso.) as in this case no contract of safe custody is concluded.
11. Bag Search

The organizer reserves the right to search visitors before entering the festival and on the festival premises for dangerous or prohibited objects. If such an item is found, it will be removed without exception.
12. Alcohol and Drug Influence

Heavily intoxicated individuals by alcohol or other drugs are not eligible to enter the festival grounds. No right for a refund of the ticket price in this case.
13. Minimum Age

The minimum age for entering the festival is 16 years. The minimum age for entering the VIP Lodge is 18 years. Taking along an elderly companion or a letter of permission from the parents does not change the rules.
14. Youth Protection

The law of protection of the youth of Salzburg applies throughout the entire area in the version valid on the day of the event.
15. Footwear / Soil Conditions

It is strongly recommended to wear sturdy footwear with a firm and stable sole with sufficient resistance to treading throughout the event grounds. There may be bumps in the ground or objects lying on the ground at the festival grounds. Thus, pay attention when walking, running and dancing with special care on the particular soil conditions.
16. Climbing of Buildings

The climbing of buildings of all kinds is strictly prohibited, results in immediate expulsion from the venue and a report to the responsible authority.
17. Parking Area

The entrance to the parking area is only allowed with a valid ticket during the opening hours. Sleeping in the parking area is prohibited both inside and outside a vehicle. Camping and the building of tents is prohibited on the parking area. The assigned parking area is to comply. It is forbidden to park at the streets between the parking spaces. The promoter is not liable to purple hurt or damage on cars or other things caused by a third party or force majeure. Also the promoter is not liable to stuck vehicles.

There is no custody agreement, the parking area is not guarded. It is a lease for temporarily parked vehicles.
The entrances and exits for cars will be controlled during the opening hours of the parking area. Regular tours through the parking area will take place during the opening hours of the parking area.

At the parking area, the StVO is valid.

It is forbidden to park on the traffic lanes between the park rows. Uneven ground, bumps and other obstacles may occur in the parking lots, temporary traffic areas, as well as an entry and exit streets. Drive accordingly slow and with increased awareness.
Waste dumping at the parking lot is strictly prohibited. The organizer is not liable for personal injury or property damage caused by third parties or force majeure. Furthermore, the organizer is not liable for any stuck vehicles. There is no custody contract, the parking is not guarded – it is a lease for the temporary parking of a car. For carried and on the parking lot located objects, the organizer assumes no liability. The entrance and exits of the parking lots are checked during opening hours, there are regular tours of the parking areas.

18. Garbage

Any kind of garbage is to be deposited in the designated containers and not to be thrown on the ground or otherwise left behind.
19. Locker (SafeBOXen)

Contract for the Locker (SafeBOXen) is concluded with Modul-Kombinat GmbH, Am Stener Berg 41m, 13125 Berlin.
The general terms and conditions apply.

20. Digging holes

Digging holes is prohibited throughout the site.
21. Ticket Raffles

Companies are only permitted to give away Electric Love Tickets for advertising purposes if they are in hold of a written approval of Electric Love GmbH & Co KG. Raffled tickets without permission lose validity and will be deactivated.
22. Payment at the festival

At the entire festival grounds can only be paid via a digital prepaid payment system. The unused credit can be refunded online via bank transfer within 3 years after the event.Further information can be found under Info – Cashless & Pre TopUp. 
23. What to do in the event of a storm

It is expressly pointed out that in the event of a storm, all participants Individuals are responsible for taking suitable protective measures. In particular, staying under trees, next to site fences, next to flying structures and staying in the immediate vicinity of technical structures can be a hazard and should therefore be avoided.
24. Legal consequences of violations

Any violation of these house rules can be punished with a reprimand from the venue. It should be noted that the disregard of the eviction by the police surveillance organs constitutes an administrative offense. Any behavior that is relevant to administrative or criminal law will be reported to the responsible authorities without exception.
25. Final Provisions

Should individual provisions of the house rules be ineffective or impracticable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.
26. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Only the Austrian law applies. Jurisdiction is Salzburg city. The UN Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods and the Roman Convention on Contracts for the International Trade are excluded.