Electric Love Supermarket

600 m² with everything you need!

Carry less, party more!

A 600 square meter, walk in supermarket on all campsites with everything you need for the perfect festival stay at affordable prices! Ditch the heavy lifting of beer cases!

Everyone knows the struggle: tons of camping equipment and supplies for the whole group. The Electric Love Supermarket puts things right! We have everything you might need for your camping stay in a 600m² walk in supermarket right at the festival.

Attention! The products and rates below are from Electric Love Festival 2018!

We're working on even more products and better pricing for 2019!


24x 0,5l
€ 33,36
HEINEKEN Can 0,5l or Tray of 24

Why carry all those cases from home when we have everything right where you need it!

Can 0,5l € 1,39

24x 0,5l
€ 46,56
DESPERADOS Can 0,5L OR Tray of 24

Why carry all those cases from home when we have everything right where you need it!

Can 0,5L € 1,94

24x 0,25l
€ 42,96
Red BUll CAN 0,25L OR TRAY of 24

Why carry all those cases from home when we have everything right where you need it!

CAN 0,25l € 1,79

€ 15,00
Eristoff Vodka 0,7L

Mix your own party drinks on the campsite without having to bring (not allowed) glass bottles or having to refill them at home!

BOTTLE 0,7l € 15,00

€ 0,99
carpe Diem Tea Kurkuma 0,5l

One of the top sellers in non alcoholic drinks at Electric Love Festival!

Bottle 0,5L € 0,99

Products & Prices

2er Weißwein 2l 4,79€
Bacardi & Cola Dose 0,33l 2,99€
Desperados 0,5l 1,94€
Eristoff Vodka 0,7l 15,00€
Gösser NaturRadler 0,5l 1,39€
Gschpusi Kirsch 0,03l 0,89€
Gspritzter Weiss Schneeberger 0,33l 1,29€
Heineken 0,5l 1,39€
Sourz Apfel 0,02l 0,89€
Strongbow Cider gold Apple 0,4l 1,59€

Carpe Diem Kurkuma 0,5l 0,99€
Red Bull 0,25l 1,79€
Red Bull Sugarfree 0,25l 1,79€
Red Bull Summer Edition 0,25l 1,79€
Red Bull Lime Edition 0,25l 1,79€
Red Bull Yellow Edition 0,25l 1,79€
LunAqua 0,33l 0,99€
Organics Simply Cola by Red Bull 0,25l 1,79€
Organics Bitter Lemon by Red Bull 0,25l 1,79€
Organics Ginger Ale by Red Bull 0,25l 1,79€
Organics Tonic Water by Red Bull 0,25l 1,79€
Sonny Orange Juice 1l 1,69€
Sonny Multivitamin Juice 1l 1,69€
Goal Applejuice gespritzt 0,5l 1,29€
Gasteiner Sparklingwater 1,5l 1,64€

Nöm Cappuccino 0,25l 1,29€
Nöm Latte Macchiato 0,25l 1,29€
SalzburgMilch Alex 0,25l 1,09€
SalzburgMilch Fruchtmolke Mango 0,5l 1,99€
SalzburgMilch Fruchtmolke Maracuja 0,5l 1,99€
SalzburgMilch Lisa 0,25l 1,09€
SalzburgMilch Trinkjoghurt Erdbeer 0,5l 1,99€
SalzburgMilch Trinkjoghurt Heidelbeer 0,5l 1,99€
SalzburgMilch Trinkjoghurt Tropical 0,5l 1,99€

Apple 1pcs 0,65€
Banana 1pcs 0,65€
Watermelon 1pcs 3,99€
Grapes 500g 3,19€

BELLA Kaubonbons 500g 1,79€
EXCITEMENT Chewing Gum sugarfree 6x10 Dragees 0,99€
Ölz Nuts Nougat Muffin 2,50€
SNACK FUN Potatochips Salt/Pepper/Sour Cream 125g 0,79€
SNACK FUN Snips Classic 200g 0,69€
SNACK FUN Sticks 300g 0,59€
Wojnar English Club Sandwich 2,69€
Wojnar Ham & Cheese Sandwich 2,69€
Wojnar Tuna-Olive-Sandwich 2,69€

DENTOFIT Premium Toothbrush, Twinpack 1,95€
DENTOFIT Toothpaste Coolfresh/Mintfresh/Herbfresh 125ml 0,49€
Condom 1pcs 0,99€
OLIVIA Tampons Normal/Super/Mini 80Stk/65Stk/64Stk 2,65€
OMBIA / OMBIA MEN Disposable Razor 3-blades 10pcs. 2,44€
OMBIA Compressed Deo-Spray 100ml 1,15€
OMBIA COSMETICS Lippenpflege Balsam 12g 3,99€
OMBIA Exklusive Aroma Shower 300ml 1,89€
OMBIA MEN shower gel and shampoo 2-in-1 300ml 0,75€
OMIBIA MEN Compressed Deo-Spray 100ml 1,15€
SOLO Handkerchiefs 4-layers 30x10 pieces 1,85€
Sun cream LSF30 9,90€

Ice Cubes 5kg 9,90€
Activ Energy AA-Batterien 8-Pack 1,89€
Slippers men (Rider Infinity) 23,99€
Plastic cup 0,5l 6,50€
Camping chair 14,99€
German Playing Cards 7,49€
Flip Flops men (Rider R1) 23,99€
Flip Flops women (Zaxy Flowers) 23,99€
Gaffa Tape 9,60€
Rubber boots 19,90€
Glowstick 8,99€
Mobile Pack Recharge 5,00€
Red Bull Mobile Energy Pack 20,00€

Benson & Hedges Black 6,70€
Benson & Hedges Silver 6,70€
Camel Essential Blue 6,90€