Camping info
Camping categories

Details of all Camping Ticket categories can be found here: Electric Love Campsites.

PS: Don’t forget to get a warm-up ticket for Wednesday, 3 July 2024 to get the full festival experience.


ATTENTION: A camping ticket is only valid in combination with a valid festival pass!

Opening Hours Camping

Camping Areas:

  • Wednesday, 3 July 2024: 12:00 CEST – Sunday, 07 July 2024: 12:00 CEST


  • Wednesday, 3 July 2024: 12:00 CEST – Sunday, 07 July 2024: 12:00 CEST
When is access for camping guests possible?

Arrival at all camping areas is possible at any time from Wednesday, 03.07.2024 12 PM.

Even if you don’t have a ticket for the Warm Up Party Wednesday, arrival is possible at any time from this point on.

For the full festival experience, get your tickets for our F*ck Genres Warm Up Party at Club Circus now: tickets.electriclove.at

Personalization Camping Tickets

Camping tickets and parking tickets do not require correct personalisation. The name on the ticket is not relevant for admission.

Please only make sure that your festival pass is correctly personalised.

Arrival at the campsite

The journey to the Electric Love Festival is possible with all common means of transport. However, we ask you to think of the environment and to use the various public transport options or to form car pools.
There will be a free shuttle bus from Salzburg main station to the festival grounds and back. More information about the departure times can be found here!

There are enough parking spaces on site. Remember that every vehicle needs a parking ticket.
Parking tickets are available in the ticket shop, or on site. (Attention: increased price and only while stocks last).

The car park will be guarded until the end of the event.
For security reasons it is not allowed to stay overnight in the car park!

You may arrive or depart at any time between Wednesday 12:00 and Sunday 12:00.