Dreamscape by The Purge and Adjuzt

The Purge is like a storm of adrenaline which leaves a lifetime mark on its victims. Many of those who experienced this level of energy can testify, it’s an untameable funky and energetic sound that fuels everybody’s inner fire during his performances. With several legendary appearances at Defqon.1, Decibel, Intents Festival and many more he left no single soul unharmed. Be ready, because The Purge is on the rise and ready to change tides.

The rebellious Adjuzt has an adrenaline-fuelled and authentic sound that can be described as unconventional, insurgent and unparalleled. It is without any hesitation that this artisan is shaping a brand new evolution that is ready to shake foundations to their surface. For those who haven’t experienced the Adjuzt-rush yet, emerge yourself in his sphere where fascination takes over.

Dreamscape by The Purge and Adjuzt
Hard Dance Valley
Thu 4 July 23:30 CET

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