Building her legacy on the strong foundations of persistence, devotion and a perpetual love for music, it’s no surprise that Miss K8 is one of Hardcore’s most influential frontrunners. Rising to international stardom, Miss K8 has conquered the industry with an arsenal of pristine Hardcore hits and a worldwide agenda of dynamic performances. She has also secured her prestigious position in the DJ Mag Top 100 for seven consecutive years, with her current position on the list being her highest so far: #53.

Crowned the “Goddess of Hardcore”, Miss K8 has made a bold ‘St8ment’ with her newly-released album ‘Eclipse’ which features a classy selection of potent bangers that portray her broad musical vision. Hits from the album like ‘You Can’t Stop Me’, The Last Spartan’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Dope Sh!t’ are all powered by strong technique and a desire to reach the extraordinary.

Miss K8’s magnetism on stage is simply captivating, as she never ceases to create the ultimate atmosphere during her sets. However, don’t be fooled by her striking beauty – Miss K8 isn’t afraid to create a battlefield on the dancefloor!

Miss K8
Hard Dance Valley
Sat 6 July 00:30 CET

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