Free Ticket Donation

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We are happy to invite you to the Electric Love Festival and look forward to your donation of 15€ per ticket in order to support one of our heart projects.

As a festival, we see it as our responsibility to fulfil a wide range of responsibilities. For years, the „Mindful Crew“ has offered our guests support in exceptional emotional situations at the festival. Furthermore, we work together with the initiative „Luisa ist hier“ for the prevention of sexual harassment and also for a low-threshold offer for victims of harassment or sexual violence at the festival.

In addition, your donation will also enable projects of the „Electric Love Music Society“, which is concerned with the support and promotion of young electronic music artists. The projects are carefully selected, considered and supported in the long term.

Thank you very much! Your donation is in good hands and enables great projects around Electric Love! 

Your Electric Love Festival Crew ♥

Heart Projects

Your donation will make it even better!
Mindful Crew

“Tell me something, I’ll listen to you” is the motto of the Mindfulcrew, where festival chaplains are at your disposal. They are there for you at the ELF if you want to share your emotion with someone. You can approach them at any time, talk to them and tell them what moves you. At the campsite you will find the Mindfulcrew location, which is also a “Luisa” location. They are open daily between 11am and 3am.

Luisa is here

Do you feel sexually harassed, threatened, pressured or unsafe? Just head to one of our Service Center, Mindful Crew or Medical Stations and ask “Is Luisa here?”. Our staff will then know you need help and will take you discreetly out of the situation to keep you safe.

Electric Love Music Society

The Electric Love Music Society is more than just a DJ contest. That’s why we have created an exclusive alliance that offers young DJs and artists the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, as well as support them on their way.

In a nutshell:

  • A platform where young DJs can exchange and push each other.
  • At the moment more than 60 DJs belong to the Music Society.
  • As host we offer these artists support on their way

If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can contact our support team at any time.

Your Electric Love Festival Crew ♥