Deutschland - Hip-Hop/Rap

German rapper Kasimir1441 was born in 2001. He grew up in Berlin-Steglitz. Inspired by the hip hop scene there, he began recording his first videos at the age of 13. Two years later, he published his early musical works under the pseudonym "Shor" on the online music service Soundcloud. 

In 2019, Kasimir1441, who is visually reminiscent of Eminem's look, signed a contract with the Berlin label "Bis Es Klappt".

With his single "KK," Kasimir made it into the German charts for the first time in March 2020. The accompanying video was viewed millions of times. The follow-up singles "Kickdown" and "Hentai" also placed in the Top 100. In June 2020, Kasimir1441 released his first EP "Kickdown" with a total of seven songs.


Fr. 27.August 2021
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