Belgium - Drum & Bass

Boris Daenen, better known by his stage name Netsky is a Belgian drum and bass producer and musician. The name Netsky is based on the computer virus of the same name.


Netsky produces music of the liquid funk style – drum and bass music with many instrumental layers and frequent vocals.

In late 2009, Netsky signed a recording contract with Hospital Records, the same label as other well known liquid artists such as High Contrast and London Elektricity. He also won a nomination as "Best Upcoming Producer" within just months of his first release at the Drum + Bass Arena Awards.

Hospital Records released Netsky's self-titled debut album on 31 May 2010. His second album, titled 2, was released on 25 June 2012. The album features three singles and a deluxe edition was later released supported by a fourth single, "We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)". Am 3. Juni 2016 erschien schlussendlich sein drittes Studioalbum 3, das wie auch das Vorgängeralbum 2 bis an die Spitze flämischen Album-Charts vorrückte. On June 3rd 2016 he released his 3rd album, 3, which, like its predecessor 2, reached the top of the Belgian-Dutch Charts.



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