Paul Elstak


Netherlands - Hardcore

Paul Elstak, born in The Hague on 14 January 1966, is a well-known Dutch (Happy) Hardcore and Freestyle DJ/producer.

His career began as a Hiphop DJ in 1987. At this time he met Rob Fabrie and Richard van Naamen, with whom he started the group Holy Noise. He had a series of releases on the Hithouse record label with Holy Noise. Holy Noise had its biggest success in 1991 with the track 'James Brown Is Still Alive'. This record made number 8 in the Top 40 and was an answer to a record that was popular at the time, 'James Brown Is Dead' by L.A. Style. After Holy Noise, Paul founded the Forze DJ Team, forming a trio with DJ Panic and DJ Lars. Paul’s 'Forze' clothing line, with the well-known 'Wanna Play' bear, was very popular among the gabbers at the time.

In 1992, Paul Elstak established his own label Rotterdam Records (under Mid-Town records). In 1995 he released his first Paul Elstak single under this label, entitled 'Life Is Like A Dance'. After this record, a number of commercial tracks followed, 'Luv U More', 'Don't Leave Me Alone', 'The Promised Land', ‘Rave On’ and, of course, 'Rainbow In The Sky', which enjoyed the greatest popularity. All these singles made the Dutch Top 40 in the 1990s. This label no longer exists.

As Paul Elstak wanted to focus mainly on Hardcore in 2001, he started a new Hardcore label called Offensive Records. 

Owing to the Happy Hardcore revival and the many nineties parties Paul Elstak was asked to perform at, he has become actively involved in Happy Hardcore again, in addition to Hardcore. 

On 8 November 2010, he released the title song he produced for the film New Kids Turbo. On 26 March 2011, he won a Rembrandt Award for best title song with this track, and on 12 May 2011 he received a gold record.

In 2017, Paul Elstak scored two more big hits. Together with rapper Jebroer and producer Dr Phunk he produced ‘Kind Van De Duivel’ (“Child of the Devil”) and ‘Engeltje’ (“Little Angel”). These were unexpected successes with the general public. ‘Kind Van De Duivel’ scored triple Platinum in the Netherlands and Gold in Belgium. ‘Engeltje’ measured up to its predecessor and scored double Platinum.

Paul Elstak

Sa. 28.August 2021
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