No More Carrying With These Camping Add-Ons

Ditch The Heavy Lifting

Skip the exhausting back-and-forth and arrive ready to party! Electric Love Festival is about to level up your camping game. Ditch carrying bulky tents, sleeping bags, chairs, mattresses and stress – we’ve got you covered with on-site rentals for an affordable price.

Why rent? It’s a win-win-win!

  • Travel like a boss: Ditch the heavy lifting and arrive light on your feet. More space for festival essentials (like those outfit)!
  • Save the planet: Renting is kind to the environment. Share resources, reduce waste, and be a festival sustainability rockstar.
  • Ideal for first-time campers: No need to purchase any camping equipment, simply rent and don’t worry about a thing!
  • Save money: When booking a 4-person tent, the price per person is only €23,50 (€31 pp. for a 2-person tent)
  • You can party early: Save time setting up your camp site and get the party started right away at the Warm-Up Party on July 3rd.

Check out our add-ons
Lockers, Warm-Up & Powerstation


Level Up Your Festival Comfort:

  • Travelbox Powerstation (€99): The XXL power bank that powers all your devices. Stay connected with 2 power sockets, 4 USB ports, and 1 cigarette adapter. Plus, swap an empty station for a full one for free!
  • Sleeping Bag (€25): Rent a comfy sleeping bag for a cozy post-festival retreat.
  • niuway Tent for 2 (€62) or 4 (€94): Grab your besties and share the tent that’s waiting for you at the campsite.
  • niuway Camping Chair (€18): Ain’t no camping without a comfy camping chair where you can sip on your cold ones!
  • zzz Air Mattress (€18): Enhance your beauty sleep with this super relaxing air mattress and get it pumped up for free on site.
  • Locker Rentals (starting at €40): Secure your valuables at the campsite and infield. Dance worry-free, knowing your essentials are safe.

Ready to ditch the drama and embrace the fun? Head to the Ticket Shop and secure your rentals today!

24-hour Supermarket

Pack light, party hard! All you need is one bag with your essentials (clothes, toiletries, meds, etc.). Besides our equipment rental, our 24-hour supermarket on-site has got you covered for everything else, from ice-cold beers & drinks to food, snacks, camping gear and BBQ supplies, all at festival-friendly prices. No more lukewarm beers in a hot tent – just grab and go!