Roadtrippin’ to ELF ✨

Lovers, you can’t wait for #ELF24 to start but you don’t know how to travel to the festival yet? Then here’s for you: Our ultimate ÖBB travel guide! 🚅

Hop on a train for the most comfy and budget-friendly ride to the festival grounds. 😌 With ÖBB, you can hop on a train from Vienna, St. Pölten, Linz or Innsbruck to Salzburg main station twice an hour. If you’re travelling from Graz or Klagenfurt, EuroCity and InterCity connections will run every two hours. ⏰ No worries: Germany is offering multiple train routes to Salzburg as well.

Once you arrive at Salzburg main station, you can take the free Electric Love shuttle bus directly to the festival site. 🕺🏼
Website Travel Highlight Pt.2

If you’re living close by and want to warm yourself up before dancing the night away, you can of course also come by bike. 🚲 You can park your bike at the Day Guest / Non-Camper entrance, where there will be enough space. Please note that this area will not be supervised, so make sure to lock your bike and ensure its safety on your own!

For the ones who are coming by car or taxi: For drop-offs please use the designated Kiss & Go spots. For permanent parking during the festival please follow the traffic guidance system. Remember that every vehicle needs a parking ticket. You can find more information about our parking lots on our festival map in our ELF App!

You are planning your own bus journey to the Electric Love Festival with your group? To guarantee a smooth journey, please fill in this online form in advance. When taking the public bus, you can get out at the stop “Koppl Reith”. (Day Guests / Non-Camper)

Taking the plane? When arriving at Salzburg Airport, it’s easy to navigate to the festival grounds. Simply take the trolleybus line 2 to Salzburg main station and hop on our free Electric Love shuttle bus that will take you to our #ColorfulPlayground. 💜

We can’t wait to welcome you all at #ELF24! 🔥