Too Good To Go

No more food waste!

For #ELF24 we’re teaming up with Too Good To Go to take on food waste. It’s simple: plan wisely, shop consciously at the ELF Supermarket, and let’s cut down on waste together! 🫶🏼

We’re assembling two types of packages of surplus supermarket items available for purchase through the Too Good To Go App, with pickup starting Sunday morning at the designated container in the Basic Camping Area. ✨

Make your festival experience hassle-free by booking your Too Good To Go bag in advance.

Download the Too Good To Go App now and secure your bag full of tasty treats. 📱


5 tipps against food waste at the festival:

  1. Food products like chips, nuts, peanut butter and apples are very heat resistent, so they do NOT need to be cooled. 🌞
  2. Instead of using ice cubes in your cooler, you can just freeze your water bottles, use them for cooling and safe water. 🧊
  3. You can already safe a surprise bag before the festival and create delicious dishes like noodle salads, couscous salads or smashed potatoes. (Just make sure to store them in airtight containers for a longer durability)
  4. To avoid wasting food at the festival, talk to your friends about who is bringing what. 🍿
  5. Avoid disposable tableware, paper and plastic so that less waste is produced at the festival. ♻️


Let’s help together & make #ELF24 a better place! 🌎💜
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📆 4 – 6 July 2024
📍 Salzburgring, Austria
⛺️ 3 campsites + 4 days camping
🔥 Warm-Up Party 3 July
🐳 The ORGANICS Beach at Lake Fuschl
🎵 200+ artists on 6+ stages