Benita Banu, also known as Baby B3ns, is a young artist from Berlin, known for her self-made image and her representation of hyper/internet-pop songs.

From a young age, Benita was introduced to music through classical instrument lessons, which nurtured her talent and sense of self-production. Before her first release “Baby Blizzard” in the summer of 2022, Benita started performing as a DJ at various events in the Berlin nightlife scene. As she further cultivated her love for music, she scored a hit in the charts last year, enabled by her talent, passion, and determination. Her presence on social media and her eye for fashion and music, inspired by the aesthetics of manga-core, have contributed to her becoming one of the hottest hyper-pop artists in no time.

Baby B3ns
Heineken Starclub
Fri 5 July 23:40 CET

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