luisa is here!

“Is Luisa here?” is a support service for women and girls in the party scene and will also be implemented at the Electric Love Festival.

With the question “Is Luisa here?” women and girls are supported in and after abusive situations and discreetly taken out of the existing situations. Safety is the top priority here.
The question functions as a code with which the affected woman can turn to the well-trained staff. In this way, the contact persons know that help is needed without the woman having to state concretely what has happened.


The well-trained staff can be found at the following contact points:
Service Centre Infield
Service Centre Basic Camping
Mindful Crew Infield
Mindful Crew Basic Camping
Red Cross

We are supported by the experts of the Frauennotruf Salzburg in the realisation of “Is Luisa here?” at the Electric Love Festival.