Read carefully

It’s all about you having an awesome and also safe time on our Grounds Of Love. Keep in mind that in case of an emergency our security and medical assistance staff will guide you through. Watch out for you and the people around you. Keep calm and get the party started! πŸ₯³


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Do you feel sexually harassed, threatened, pressured or unsafe? Just head to one of our Service Centers, Mindful Crew, Medical Stations or one of our bars and ask β€œIs Luisa here?”. Our staff will then know you need help and will take you discreetly out of the situation to keep you safe.



“Tell me something, I’ll listen to you” is the motto of the Mindful Crew, where festival chaplains are at your disposal. They are there for you at ELF if you want to share your emotions, no matter if they’re positive or negative, with someone. You can approach them at any time, talk to them and tell them what moves you. At the campsite and in the Infield you will find the Mindful Crew locations, which are also “Luisa” locations. They are open daily between 11am and 3am.



We are one big family and have to look out for each other! If you do get injured, there are plenty of paramedics on site. Locations are shown on the map below. As our site is very extensive, each building has a so-called house number – simply inform the emergency services or the Festival Guards, then the helpers can orient themselves better and help more quickly. Make sure to use the right phone numbers in case of emergency:

Rescue: 144
Fire department: 122
Police: 133
Euro emergency call: 112

Freshen up your first aid competences with tips from the Red Cross.


In the event of a storm or thunderstorm, please seek shelter in your car and do not leave the vehicle until the storm has passed respectively until you are warned off by us. Help each other and pick up other Electric Lovers if you still have room in your car. You can do this by switching on your car’s hazard warning lights. It is expressly pointed out that in the event of a thunderstorm, all participants must take suitable protective measures on their own responsibility. In particular, standing under trees, next to construction fences, next to flying structures and standing in the immediate vicinity of technical structures can pose a risk and must therefore be avoided. Containers, tents and sanitary facilities should also be avoided during thunderstorms. The instructions of the security personnel must be followed at all times.

You will get warned on time in every dicey situation via enough displays on site, WhatsApp, the ELF App and our Socials.



As the volume at the festival is sometimes more than 93dB and can therefore be unpleasant for your ears, you can get hearing protection from our Service Center.



Please leave following items at home:
  • Fireworks
  • Glas
  • Slingshots
  • Dry ice
  • Grills
  • Laserpointer
  • Drones/other flying objects
  • Camelbags
  • Loose cabels
  • Stero systems (bigger than A4)
  • Drugs other intoxicants
  • Powder/coarse-grained materials
  • Animals (excl. guide dogs)
  • Bulky objects
  • Weapons/Dangerous objects
  • Car battery/power generator

Although the following items are permitted on the camping site, they are NOT permitted on the festival site:
  • Drinks
  • Camping essentials (camping chair, camping table,…)
  • Stereo systems
  • Backpacks (bags made of fabric smaller than DIN A3 are permitted)

Find more information about Electric Love in our FAQ.