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You don't feel like camping? Check out an Electric Love Hotel Package in the official ticket shop! We offer rooms at a&o Salzburg-Hauptbahnhof, Motel One Mirabell, Wyndham Grand and NH Salzburg.

Travel to Electric Love

Travel Information

There are several ways of travelling to the Electric Love Festival but please think eco-friendly and make use of public transport possibilities and car pools. Save time & money, avoid traffic jams and travel by public transport! We offer a shuttle from Central Station to the festival ground for free.

Arrival for Campers: Please keep the following in mind when choosing your camping categorie. Camping South is intended for those who arrive by public transport. If you travel to Electric Love by car please choose tickets for Camping North. Nevertheless both camping sites, south and north, have enough parking slots - don´t forget to order your parking ticket! The Comfort Camper car park is located right next to the Day Guest / Non-Camper car park and one Comfort Parking Ticket is automatically included per Comfort Camping package.

Arrival for Day Guests / Non-Campers: The entrance for Day Guests / Non-Campers can be reached with our ELF Shuttle. If you arrive by car, please select the Day Guest / Non-Camper Parking Ticket.

Arrival for SEAT Platinum VIP Lodge guests: Arrival is possible by car - do not forget your parking ticket - and by taxi, but not by ELF shuttle. 

Travel to the festival ground

Free Shuttleservice

The Electric Love Shuttle takes you from Central Station Salzburg to the festival ground and back for free. There are also shuttles between Camping South and Camping North - please change from ELF Shuttle to the Ring Shuttle at station Day Guest / Non-Camper & Comfort Camping.

Electric Love Shuttle

Salzburg Central Station
Camping South
Day Guest / Non-Camper & Comfort Camping
Salzburg Central Station

Ring Shuttle

Day Guest / Non-Camper & Comfort Camping
Camping North
Day Guest / Non-Camper & Comfort Camping

The busses drive non-stop from Wednesday 09h00 until Sunday 12h00 midday in 30 minutes intervals. We do our best to keep the waiting times as short as possible - please understand if it takes a bit longer during rush hours.

Travel to Salzburg

by bus, train, plane or car 

Travel by bus

No plan how to get to Electric Love? No problem at all! Choose your travel partner as soon as the ticket sale started and enjoy the best and most comfortable bus trip to Salzburg!

Bus from Switzerland

Bus from Südtirol

If you have planned to organize your own bus tour to ELF, please get in touch with us. To guarantee a smooth arrival please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will provide all relevant information.

Travel by train

Taking the Railjet you can travel from Vienna, S.Pölten or Linz hourly. There are also several connections from Innsbruck, Graz, Klagenfurt and cities in Germany like Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt to Salzburg Central Station.

From there we recommend to take the Electric Love Shuttle to the festival ground for free. Please do not try to transport bulky items when you travel by train.

to Salzburg Hbf
Time Departure Arrival

Travel by plane

The airport Salzburg offers several direct connections from different cities all over Europe - for example Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zürich, Vienna, Palma de Mallorca and London. .

There is no direct shuttle from the airport Salzburg to the Electric Love Festival but we recomment to take the public bus number 2 or 27 to the Central Station Salzburg. From there you can hop on the Electric Love Shuttle which brings you directly to the festival ground.

Arrival by car

If you are a camper, we recommend Camping North if you arrive by car. Camping South is the better choice if you arrive by public transport (shuttle).

Please think eco-friendly and build car pools and follow the colored road signs as soon as you get near the venue:

Day Guest / Non-Camper - red                                                                                                North - blue
South - green
Comfort  - orange
Caravan - yellow                                                                                                                       VIP Lodge - black

Kiss&Go Points: If someone brings you to the ELF, please get off at the signed Kiss&Go Points. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to park there. These are provisional traffic areas. Bumps and other obstacles can occur. Drive accordingly slow and with increased attention.

Parking: There are 3 parking areas - Parking North (at Camping North), Parking South (at Camping South) and Parking Day Guest / Non Camper for people who do not stay at the festival site or own a single day ticket. The parking fee needs to be paid once for all days and in exchange you get a badge. 


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Salzburg, Austria

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