Ski Aggu

The Chancellor candidate, aka Ski Aggu, stands primarily for his closeness to the people. In his lyrics, music videos, and social media presence, he encapsulates the Berlin lifestyle and the zeitgeist of Gen Z. He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a hedonist. At the same time, he also repeatedly shows that life is not just a constant party and reflects on his sometimes unrestrained lifestyle.

In addition to his enjoyment of life to the fullest, the native of Wilmersdorf excels at one thing above all else – rapping. Punchlines, technique, laid-back flow, and entertaining, authentic West Berlin rap. And not just in the studio, but especially on stage.

In October 2022, Aggu landed a viral hit with his song “Party Sahne,” which has since been awarded a gold record and remains a frequent guest on the Spotify Top 50 charts to this day. Since “Party Sahne,” no one can overlook Ski Aggu. Right on time for his sold-out “Après Ski Tour” weeks in advance, his debut EP “2022 war film gewesen” was released after more singles.

In 2023, Aggu achieved another stroke of genius: with a Gabber-Pop reinterpretation of Otto Waalkes’ “Friesenjung,” he went viral on TikTok with Dutch star Joost Klein. Under the slogan “Bitte, Otto, Bitte,” the artists and their huge fan base campaigned for the release of the sample. A few days later, “Bitte, Otto Bitte” became “Danke, Otto, Danke”: 74-year-old Otto appeared on TikTok and granted his permission, supporting the duo in promotion and even participating in the music video for the song. With over 1.5 million streams on the first day, the song entered the Spotify Top 50 in five countries. In the second week, the trio achieved their first #1 in the Official German Charts – and held it for an incredible four weeks.

After further successful singles such as “Maximum Rizz” or “Theater,” the long-awaited second tape “denk mal drüber nach…” was released in October, right on time for the completely sold-out “Election Campaign Tour” with over 50,000 attendees – and landed with a huge lead at #1 on the album charts.

Ski Aggu
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