Electric Love Festival 2022

Visitor Information November 2021

The summer, especially the Electric Love month of July is according to past experience in the pandemic one of the months with the fewest infections. Also in 2021, we have successfully proven in the summer with the Electric Love Boutique Edition that large events are also possible.

However, what has been true in the past for a possible cancellation since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020 is also true for the future. Transparent, reliable and customer-friendly, it is also guaranteed in 2022 that every ticket purchaser can choose between a refund, i.e. money back, or a swap to the next year in the event of a Covid-related cancellation.

The legal requirements in force at the time of Electric Love in July 2022 will apply as entry criteria. In addition, you can take out an insurance policy directly through our ticket store, which also covers you in the event of illness, so even if you test positive for Covid before the festival, you will get your ticket money back.

COVID-19 Visitor Information Archive

Transparency is more important than ever these days! With this, we want to offer security and hope not only to our visitors, but to everyone. This archive should show how dynamic our world is right now.

Visitor Information July 16, 2021

Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart and Co.... we are ready! It's all set - we're serving you 100 acts on 3 stages at Electric Love Boutique Edition. 

Let's start with the breaking news: you've probably already heard ... The Frequency Festival in St. Pölten had to be cancelled. Maybe your first thought was: WTF ... the Frequency is cancelled, what happens now with the Electric Love Boutique Edition? 

As of July 2021, the Electric Love Boutique Edition will go ahead as planned - in compliance with the current decreed rules and in close coordination with the authorities. 

Why the Electric Love Boutique Edition will take place in 2021:

✅ Open-air event with three individual event days.
✅ Max. 12h party per day.
✅ Limited 10,000 tickets per day.
✅ No camping.
✅ We have a well thought out Covid-smart event concept that has been coordinated with the authorities and we will implement it consistently.
✅ According to the current status (end of July 2021), the valid 3G requirements (More information) must be met per ticket. These are digitally verified on site. However, further legal and regulatory measures may follow. 

That's what we promise you:
✅ 100 acts on 3 stages.
✅ Consistent entrance controls according to the legal and regulatory requirements that will be prescribed at the time of the festival. As it currently stands, this would be the 3G rule.  However, other legal and regulatory measures may follow. 
✅ Simple ticket refund (excl. service fees), should the Electric Love Boutique Edition not be able to take place after all.

You can be sure - we keep our promises! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Why the fuck not! We have done everything in preparation to ensure a safe festival for all of us!

Your Electric Love Festival Crew.


Review - 08.04.2020, cancellation Electric Love 2020:

"2021 will be OUR year, it will be a very special one! The feeling when we ALL peacefully settle the Grounds of Love again for the first time after this hard time and smell the freshly mown grass of the hills of the Fuschlsee region. Dancing and singing in front of the mainstage for the first time again, as if nobody is watching or listening to us - It will feel like listening to "Sky and Sand" for the first time, being in love or tipsy. To quote Julia Engelmann "Let's write stories we'll love to tell later". In 2020 we reset to 0 and start again in 2021 - #EditionOne #ColorfulPlayground"

One could say that to still believe that would be naive, not realistic, dreaming and possibly even stupid! We do not think so! Electric Love will do everything humanly possible to make it possible to party at our #ColorfulPlayground again in the summer of 2021. The applicable rules for this will not come from us, but they will definitely protect the health of our visitors and their families. We will likewise act responsibly at every moment.

We see ourselves as enablers and pursue our goal to hold Electric Love 2021 even under difficult economic conditions. It is also accepted by costly Covid measures losses and / or financial disadvantages compared to a cancellation.

Since spring 2020, it is discussed with leading experts in various rounds, how a realization of a festival, in the kind and size as Electric Love, can work in this time. In all considerations, a regulation of the legislator is always necessary, which allows us in the dimension of Electric Love to bring in individual concepts and also to be able to carry out. In very many areas there is currently uncertainty and little clarity. We are therefore of the opinion, it needs on the part of Electric Love, in as many points as possible, a positioning, 100% transparency and honest communication.

Electric Love Festival 2021

Electric Love, probably the most beautiful festival in Europe, in the midst of beautiful nature in the Fuschlsee region in the Salzkammergut is located just a few km from the historic old town of Salzburg the Salzburgring, where finally again from 08 to 10 July 2021 the best DJs in the world will perform.

The #EditionOne will go down in history. It will be the festival, the sunny days, the carefree hours that we will still tell our whole lives about. The first Electric Love after this challenging time, the exclamation point of electronic music and something very special. With new stage concepts, new hostings and new areas like the #ELF21 ORGANICS Beach by RedBull.

We can't wait to celebrate life with you again at our #ColorfulPlayground in 2021. Besides the already released acts like Alan WalkerArmin Van BuurenCarnageCharlotte De WitteDillon FrancisDa TweekazDon DiabloDr. PeacockFedde Le GrandGalantisGigi D´agostinoHeadhunterzKrewellaKshmrKygoPaul KalkbrennerRan-DSteve AokiSolardoTimmy TrumpetVini ViciWildstylezYellow Claw, and many more new names will be added in phase 5 & 6. In addition, many hostings await you at the #ELF21, such as 3 days of Q-dance for the first time or the famous Bootshaus Blacklist Hosting comes to Salzburg.

Attention! Since all VIP Gold, VIP Silver, VIP Bronze festival passes, as well as almost all Comfort Camping and the entire Caravan Camping tickets are sold out and the SEAT Platinum VIP Lodge is already extremely heavily booked, we advise you not to let much time pass. You should not miss the #ELF21 - because these will be unforgettable days on our #ColorfulPlayground!




Ticket Vorverkauf gestartet!

Die #EditionOne, die erste nach dieser Krise, wird in die Geschichte eingehen!

Der offizielle Verkauf startete am Mittwoch, den 08. Juli 2020 um 18:00 CEST.
Hier kannst du deine Tickets kaufen: https://tickets.electriclove.a


The possibility to exchange your #ELF20 ticket for one for #ELF21 has ended. We say THANK YOU to all the hardworking ticket buyers!

You have swapped your ticket into an ELF21 ticket but haven't received the tickets by mail yet? Please check your spam folder. If you don't find an email there either, you can get your swapped ELF21 tickets via this link.

You have not received all ELF21 swap tickets yet? You can enter your email address that was used when you placed your order here to receive all swapped #ELF21 tickets. Please also check the spamorder.

If you have not swapped your ELF20 tickets, it is still possible to get the ticket money refunded due to the cancellation of ELF20 (ELF20 Ticket Refund).

The official sale started on Wednesday, July 08, 2020 at 18:00 CEST.
Here you can buy your tickets: https://tickets.electriclove.at




Our Official Ticket Refund / Swap Platform is now available!

Get your ticket now for next year's Electric Love 2021 from July 8-10, 2021 and secure your place at #EditionOne and we will donate 1 Euro per festival pass to a charitable organization. Of course you can also get your ticket money refunded due to the cancellation of ELF20. #EditionOne #ELF21 #ColorfulPlayground

This is how you get your ELF21 ticket:
Just confirm that you want an ELF21 ticket easily and free of charge. Instead of refunding you the ticket price, we will send you your ELF21 ticket. And you will help others - we will donate 1€ per festival pass to a charitable institution.

Ticket refund:
If you don't want to be part of the next Electric Love Edition, we will gladly refund your ticket money. In case of refund the service fee will not be refunded by our ticket providers. The service fee has already been paid once when purchasing the tickets, the refund of the ticket price will be done without any additional fees.

Important: Only the person who ordered the ticket can request a ticket refund or exchange! So it's best to let the person who ordered your squad know so he can fill out the form. If you have won your ticket, no refund is possible.

Dear Electric Lovers,

sad, melancholic, but positive about the future, we have to inform you today that Electric Love 2020 is cancelled. Since March 10, large events have been banned in Austria. This ban was extended this week for all events and is valid for the time being until at least the end of June. However, we were informed by experts from the Salzburg Regional Health Directorate that Electric Love in July does not seem justifiable from today's point of view in terms of health policy. 

Thus, after weeks of hoping, the moment has come for us to realize that there are probably more important things this summer and Electric Love in the way you and we love it will probably not be allowed this year.

For us, as well as for you, this day is extremely emotional. Since 2013 we have been working with all our energy, creativity and passion for the moment when we can proudly show you all what we have created with you and inspired by you ALL. 

Babies conceived on the first Electric Love attend elementary school today. Trees that were planted in the surrounding forests back then are several feet tall today. For more than half a decade, not a summer has gone by without exuberant celebrations at one of the most beautiful spots on earth, the Salzburgring in the Fuschlsee region. In 2020, the colorful hustle and bustle, the cheerful and exuberant togetherness, will unfortunately have to take a break.

2021 will be OUR year, it will be a very special one! The feeling when we ALL peacefully settle the Grounds of Love again for the first time after this difficult time and smell the freshly mown grass of the hills of the Fuschlsee region. Dancing and singing in front of the mainstage for the first time again, as if nobody is watching or listening to us - It will feel like listening to "Sky and Sand" for the first time, being in love or tipsy. To quote Julia Engelmann; "Let's write stories we'll love to tell later". In 2020, we reset to 0 and start fresh in 2021 - #EditionOne #ColorfulPlayground.

Don't forget, anticipation is the best joy! #EditionOne #ColorfulPlayground

Stay healthy! See you in July 2021
Your Electric Love Festival Crew


Our primary goal as Electric Love is to inform transparently and reliably about possible consequences and effects on our festival. Already since March 5, we have informed several times on this topic to answer all questions as best as possible and quickly.

The pandemic and its consequences are probably new to almost all of us. In different branches and areas people are facing many questions, also we! For this reason, we would like to ask you to answer some questions about the current situation in order to be able to learn for dealing with the situation and to better respond to your opinions, wishes and suggestions.

Your opinion is very important to us! (Duration approx. 10 minutes)


Thank you for having so many respondents to the survey!
In total there were 15,872 participants who successfully completed the survey.
Start of the survey: Sunday 29.03.2020 14:00. On average, one survey per participant took about 8 minutes to complete
Over 3,652 participants gave a personal statement / comment.


Liebe Electric Lovers,

zu dem Verbot von Outdoorveranstaltungen mit über 500 Personen, das am 10. März bei einer Pressekonferenz des österreichischen Bundeskanzleramts vorerst bis Anfang April befristet ausgesprochen wurde, sind in den letzten Tagen in Österreich, Europa aber auch der ganzen Welt einige wichtige Maßnahmen dazu gekommen, die dabei helfen sollen die aktuelle Situation in den Griff zu bekommen. Wir beobachten die Situation und vertrauen voll und ganz den zuständigen Experten und setzen die Maßnahmen zum Schutz der Bevölkerung selbstverständlich um. 

Gerade in Zeiten wie diesen geht es nur gemeinsam, lasst uns gemeinsam daran arbeiten und mithelfen, dass die Lage ruhiger wird, die Ansteckungszahlen zurückgehen, Leben gerettet werden können und wieder Normalität einkehren kann.

Musik verbindet, das hat sie schon immer gemacht und Musik wird das auch in Zukunft machen und dazu beitragen, dass es ein Miteinander gibt, auch in schlechten Zeiten! Was wir über die Jahre als Electric Love gelernt haben ist, dass fast alle Dinge gemeinsam immer am schönsten sind! Allerdings haben wir auch eine Verantwortung, eine Verantwortung für euch Besucher, für unsere Mitarbeiter, für Lieferanten, für die Location - unsere Grounds of Love, für DJs und Künstler und aber auch eine der gesamten Gesellschaft gegenüber. Aus aktueller Sicht gehen wir nach wie vor davon aus, dass Electric Love im Juli 2020 stattfinden kann, das wird aber nur passieren, wenn Electric Love sicher über die Bühne gehen kann und die Gesundheit gewährleistet ist.

Ticket-Transparenz: Im Falle einer behördlich verfügten Absage der Veranstaltung wegen des Coronavirus oder SARS-CoV-2, erstatten wir den Kaufpreis der Tickets gemäß den Regelungen unserer Hausordnung/AGB.

Wir danken allen, die sich in der aktuellen Situation weit über ihre Grenzen hinweg für andere einsetzen, sich aufopfern, menschlich sind und Großartiges leisten! Wir wünschen allen Electric Lovers Gesundheit, allen Erkrankten baldige Genesung, Kollegen, Clubs, Musikern, Künstlern, DJs, Lieferanten, lokalen Organisationen etc. dass sie diese Zeit gesund überstehen, aber auch wirtschaftlich gut verdauen und in voller Stärke wiederkommen! 

Elektronische Musik ist größer!

#BetterTogether #DifferentTimes #SaveTheSummer ❤️


Dear Electric Lovers, 

in a press conference of the Austrian Federal Chancellery it was announced on March 10, 2020 that outdoor events with more than 500 people are not allowed to take place until the beginning of April, due to the current situation around the so-called "Coronavirus" or "SARS-CoV-2". Accordingly, the Electric Love Festival from 09 to 11 July 2020 is not affected, so we currently assume that the festival at the Salzburgring will take place as planned and in July the virus will no longer be a major issue.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, fully trust the responsible experts and, of course, implement the measures to protect the population as far as they affect us.

Every year the festival is the reward for a whole year of hard work for our small team, circles of friends meet once a year at Electric Love, the whole region, neighbors, small stores and suppliers prepare and we will do everything and make every effort to make Electric Love take place safe and sound. 

Ticket Transparency: In the event of an officially ordered cancellation of the event due to the Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2, we will refund the purchase price of the tickets in accordance with the provisions of our House Rules/AGB.

We wish all guests good health, all sick people a speedy recovery, colleagues, clubs, soccer clubs, our role models from Tomorrowland or even Ultra (which was supposed to take place later this month), but also affected suppliers or local organizations etc., that they digest the previous cancellations economically well and come back next year in full force! 

Electronic music is bigger than that! See you in July ❤️

*status: 10 March 2020


Dear Electric Lovers,

the Electric Love Festival 2020 will take place as planned from today's point of view! The current situation is closely monitored and we take the issue seriously of course. Basically, we are of the opinion that in over 4 months, 18 weeks or 128 days, at the beginning of July, when the Electric Love will take place in Salzburg, the virus will no longer be a big issue.

We honestly have the feeling that you also see it that way. The ticket pre-sale currently shows us that the majority of you is anything but unsettled! But of course there are questions and uncertainties about the topic. Every year the festival is the reward for a whole year of hard work for our small team, circles of friends meet once a year at Electric Love, the whole region, neighbors, small businesses and suppliers prepare - and we will do everything and strive to make Electric Love happen safe and sound. If the worst case scenario happens that the festival is cancelled by the authorities due to the virus, the tickets will be refunded according to our house rules / terms and conditions.

We wish our colleagues and our role models from Tomorrowland and Ultra (which were supposed to take place later this month), but also the suppliers, the local organizations, for example in the beautiful French Alps, that they digest the cancellations economically well and come back next year in full force!

Electronic music is bigger than that!
See you in July ❤️ 

*Status: 5 March 2020


You still have questions?

 It is understandable that you have questions. Enclosed we list frequently asked questions. Everything important about the festival can be found here:

If you still have questions, please contact our support: [email protected]